Posted February 21st, 2018

So, what FREE HGV training is available and how can I apply?

This is a question many people are asking themselves after the press coverage over the summer of 2021 highlighting the demand for HGV drivers.

Some people are looking to pivot from their current career path to a new career in logistics.

The government announced plans via the Department for Education who are looking to invest up to £17 million pounds in funding for a new programme called “Skills Bootcamps” that will launch across the UK in the coming weeks and months ahead.

The Skills Bootcamps will provide free government funded HGV training for anyone that meets the entry criteria.

To join any of the skills bootcamps for Free HGV training you must:

  • Hold a full car (Category B) driving licence.
  • Must be 19 years of age or older.

Some providers of the skills bootcamps courses may require additional entry requirements not outlined here.

Each skill bootcamp will provide free training courses across England that will each last 16 weeks. The “Skills Bootcamps” are free and the best current approach to getting your HGV training as part of this government backed programme to increase the number of HGV drivers in the UK.

Prior to the Skills Bootcamps, free HGV training was a bit of a myth, like most things in life if it sounds too good to be true, there’s usually a catch.

What other funding options for HGV training are available? 

There are a couple of options that could be applicable depending on your situation. The simplest ways to obtain free HGV training are:

Sponsored training – Some companies will pay to put you through your HGV training course; however, this investment would require a return from you. The return would normally be a contract signed for a two-year period, where you would pay back your training cost should you leave within that time.

Funding through the Job Centre – If you’re unemployed and looking to get back into work, this could be an option for you. This funding is becoming harder to obtain, but if you had a guaranteed job upon successful completion of your course, the likelihood of you getting funding would dramatically increase. For more information visit your local Job Centre and talk with your career’s adviser.

Free HGV Training Skills Bootcamps – The Department for Education is to spend up to 17 million pounds on new Skills Bootcamps to “ease the risk of shortages” of HGV drivers as mentioned above.

In a package of measures announced, the government wants 3,000 new HGV drivers to enter the industry through the bootcamps route and a further 1,000 new drivers to be trained up through the adult education budget.

A lack of drivers has been blamed for a range of distribution issues across the retail sector for several weeks, including supermarkets and petrol forecourts. The Pandemic, Brexit and chronic workforce issues are all believed to be contributing to the current crisis.

How can I drive a fuel tanker to help with the fuel crisis?

Once you have completed your Free HGV training, you can then complete your ADR training. The qualification will allow you to drive tankers and dangerous goods on the road.

View our ADR training courses online!

So how else can you fund your HGV training? 

2 Start Training have finance packages available to help spread the cost of training. To qualify for finance, you would need to be in full time employment and have a reasonably good credit history.

The finance can be paid back at any time within your allotted contract, without penalties, so is ideal for bridging a gap if your earnings increase once you have started using your licence.

How can you fund your driver training?

Sponsored training – For employer sponsored training, you will need to discuss your options with your employer if they offer this option.

Funding through the Job Centre – This will very much depend on your own individual circumstances and is looked at on an individual basis.

It is advised you arrange a meeting with your local Job Centre Plus to discuss your options, you can find your nearest job centre plus online.

Free HGV Training Bootcamps – The scheme is very much in its infancy and if you meet the above outlined criteria you can look to apply online and find your nearest skills bootcamp and apply.

Deposit scheme – You can pay a deposit on your chosen package.

This will enable us to get the ball rolling, booking your medical, theories and CPC training course whilst you continue to save for the outstanding balance. The remainder would then only be due 1 week before your training course starts.

Step by step – If you need a bit of saving time in between, you can book step by step.

For example, you would just pay for the medical, then when you’re ready you could contact us and pay for your theories.

This way you would only be booking for what you can afford at the time. However please do be aware that your theory tests only last for 2 years.

What next?

So, you want to train to become an HGV driver, you have your plan for funding the training and now you need to book the training?

Firstly, plan ahead, as spaces are filling up fast and, in some cases, we are booking test months in advance, so book today to get your training scheduled as early as possible.

Don’t forget the other tasks you need to complete that our team can help you with as part of a package that include your theory tests, driver CPC training, medical and planning suitable dates.

Below is the selection of HGV training courses 2 Start offer that cover both Category C or upgrade from Cat C to Cat C+E, or our new fast-track artic options for Car to Category C+E that you can book online today.

Alternatively, you can contact our team to discuss your options and book.

Call: 02392 123 555 today to discuss your options.

View our fast track car to C+E packages!

View our LGV 1 Training packages

View LGV 2 Training packages

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