Posted November 4th, 2019

When is a transport manager required?

Any company holding a standard or standard international operators licence needs a qualified nominated transport manager.

What areas are transport managers responsible for?

A nominated transport manager must have continuous and effective responsibility for the transport operation. This will include administration management of drivers and vehicles. The company owner must ensure that a nominated transport manager has the continuing ability and knowledge to effectively manage the operation.

What qualifications does a transport manager need?

In order to become a transport manager, you need to attain a standard / standard international operators’ licence. An operator’s licence is required when any vehicle over 3500kgs is being used for a trade or business. Once you become a qualified transport manager, this is valid for life.

As a transport manager, it is recommended to have completed an OLAT course (Operators licence awareness course) in order to achieve your Operators Licence. A refresher course is required every 5-10 years in order to maintain professional competence as this shows to the traffic commissioners that you have continuous and effective control of your operations.

At 2 start we provide a number of different Transport Manager CPC course, for both road haulage and passenger operator licences.

Who are the Traffic Commissioners?

The Traffic Commissioners are the body responsible for licensing and regulations of heavy goods vehicle operations. They also ensure that that HGV and PSV operations are competent and stay within regulations.

Since 2012 as a transport manager your good repute can be removed by the Traffic Commissioners if you aren’t compliant with Transport Manager rules and requirements. Additionally, the Traffic Commissioners can request evidence of CPD (Continuous Professional Development) under certain circumstances:

  • The qualification is older than 10 years old
  • The holder hasn’t been an active transport manager for the last 5 years
  • The ability to have continuous and effective control over operations has been questioned

All senior rulings are dealt with by the Upper Tribunal.

If you have a restricted licence i.e. you are moving your own goods, for personal use, then you don’t require a nominated transport manager. However, you have to be compliance aware. In order to ensure you are being compliant you may want to think about taking an OLAT course.

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