Brand New Training Vehicles

Posted February 21st, 2018

Don’t drop a clanger and train in a banger…. Be smart and train with 2 Start.

When choosing your training company its important to have a look at what your going to be doing your training in. A beaten up old truck that driven half way around the world is not going to make your life any easier. It has almost become a standard that training companies would use old vehicles for driver training, some vehicles 10 years and older. This could make the vehicle unreliable uncomfortable and difficult to drive. Little things like air conditioning should not be over looked, driver comfort and fatigue play a vital roll when a driver is maintaining a high concentration level for long periods of time. Check out the new features coming in our new Daf CF. This is where 2 Start Training have not just broken the mould but smashed it out the window. We have how been trading for only 8 years in which time we have invested heavily in our equipment to ensure we offer you the best tools for the job. Our new training vehicles consist of 8 brought from new DAF LF ridged vehicles. The oldest is just coming up to 2 years old, the youngest being delivered this week. 4 Daf CF tractor units again the oldest being 2 years old and the newest being delivered at the end on August. Check out the New Daf CF here at the CV show.  New training vehicles is just one reflection of our level of investment to everyone that comes though out training centres. Its easy to say that we are the premier driving school but can you walk the walk? One things for sure 2 Start Training have certainly put our money where our mouth is…! For more information on LGV 2 driver training please click on this link.  For more information on LGV 1 driver training please click this link 

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2 Start Training is a well-established driver training organisation, established in November 2008. We have many thousands of satisfied customers, the majority of whom now enjoy a career in the logistics industry.

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