IPAF Static Boom 1b Training Courses Now Available!

IPAF 1B Cherry Picker Training Courses

2 Start Training are now able to offer the IPAF 1b training course! Having recently added new equipment to our inventory, we can now provide static boom training courses at any of our locations or at your site.

In this article, we’ll be explaining all things IPAF 1b to you and hopefully, we’ll be able to answer some of your questions

What is IPAF 1b training?

IPAF 1b training is a course that will teach you all the key skills and principles of operating a static boom lift.

The IPAF 1B (Static Boom) category covers all boom type Mobile Elevating Work Platforms on which the chassis cannot be moved whilst the platform is elevated. For example, trailer mounted booms, truck/lorry-mounted booms, spider static booms, and van-mounted booms will all fall under the 1B category. 

How much does 1b training cost?

We offer two different packages for our IPAF 1b training:

  • 1b only course is £240 inclusive of VAT per person

  • 1b, 3a, and 3b combined course* is £420 inclusive of VAT per person

*There is a maximum of 2 candidates per combined 1b, 3a and 3b courses.

Where can I complete my training?

Our 1b training is available at any of our training depots or at your site.

Call now to book on 02392 123555

Static Boom 1b certification

Upon successful completion of your 1b training course, you will receive the relevant certificate for the course you decide to do as well as an IPAF PAL (Powered Access Licence and photo) identity card. A PAL card is recognised by a lot of organisations and shows you have the highest standard of platform operator training.

Our other IPAF courses

Additionally, we provide a number of other different IPAF courses, if you aren’t looking for the 1b course we may still have the training suitable for you. We also provide:

  • IPAF Vertical Boom 3a training

  • IPAF Mobile Boom 3b training

  • IPAF Harness Inspection & Safety training

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