IPAF – MEWP categories explained

IPAF MEWP categories explained
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We know the world of IPAF can seem confusing to those who have no previous experience regarding IPAF or may have never heard of it before. We have created this article for you to use as your users guide to IPAF categories.

The first point of call is to establish an understanding of what a MEWP is.

What is a MEWP?

MEWP stands for Mobile Elevating Work Platform, to safely use a MEWP you must be IPAF certified which will make you compliant. 2 Start training provide a number of IPAF training courses:

2 Start have a wide selection of dates for IPAF training courses that are available for you to choose from now. Don’t miss out and book your IPAF training online now!

MEWP categories explained:

Now that you have seen the different types of IPAF training we offer and the different MEWP’s you can learn to use, we will be going into each different platform in more detail.

3a Mobile Vertical Boom – A mobile vertical boom or a scissor lift as it is more commonly known, is used on construction sites across the UK, being useful for maintenance work and being good for use within narrow spaces.

3b Mobile Boom – Arguable as common and recognisable as the scissor lift, a 3b Mobile Boom or Cherry Picker can also be regularly spotted on construction sites. The origin of its name comes from picking fruit in orchards, the Cherry Picker is these days more commonly seen for tasks such as building maintenance giving the user good mobility and security.

1b Static Boom – 1b Static Booms are typically mounted onto a vehicle or a trailer and are favoured because of their lightweight size and how easy they are to tow into the tightest of spaces. This type of MEWP is again commonly found on construction sites across the UK.

Combined Courses – As well as the individual courses for these MEWP categories, we also offer combined courses with 3a & 3b training available as well as combined 1b, 3a & 3b training available.

You can book your training online now via our website using one of the links above, or if you are looking for more detail and need advice, you can contact our helpful and friendly team of training advisors who will help you every step of the way and decide the perfect course for you on 02392 123 555 or by emailing sales@2start-training.com.

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