How has Coronavirus affected you?

Starting a new career after Coronavirus

The Coronavirus Pandemic has affected every single corner of the planet and has had a lot of knock-on effects for everybody. This Pandemic is unlike anything we have seen or had to deal with before, and has come with a lot of unprecedented consequences, not only on the haulage industry but for everyone else with up to 2.6 million* people being out of work since lockdown started.

According to reports from The Guardian up to 9.4 million people have been placed on furlough and 150,000 people have been made redundant since the start of the UK lockdown. Are you one of the people who has lost your job or been made redundant?

This could be the ideal time for you to rethink your career and pursue one in the logistics industry. The demand for HGV drivers and warehouse staff is expected to increase with the easing of lockdown measures and online shopping increasing by 129% across the UK and Europe in recent months.


Here at 2 Start, we specialise in HGV driving and pride ourselves on the quality of training we provide. If you complete one of our LGV 2 courses, we’ll teach you all the skills and knowledge that you need to pass your test.

We have a range of LGV 2 courses which all vary depending on your ability and requirements. The courses we provide include:

  • LGV 2 Gold Package + LGV 1 Gold Package Combined
  • LGV 2 Silver Package + LGV 1 Silver Package Combined
  • LGV 2 Lesson
  • LGV 2 Course 4 Days
  • LGV 2 Course 5 Days
  • LGV 2 Bronze Package
  • LGV 2 Silver Package
  • LGV 2 Gold Package
  • LGV 2 Professional Package
  • LGV 2 Ultimate Package

All of these courses vary in length and prices, varying from £264 – £4350, completing one of these courses could open up a list of potential careers for you to embark on such as a delivery driver. A career as a class 2 LGV driver can earn you an average salary of £25,000 which can go up to more than £29,000!**

C+E / LGV 1

Advancing from LGV 2, you could become an LGV 1 driver by obtaining your C+E licence which can be achieved once you have gained your LGV 2 licence. We also have a wide range of LGV 1 courses which include:

  • LGV 1 Lesson
  • LGV 1 Bronze Package
  • LGV 1 Silver Package
  • LGV 1 Gold Package
  • LGV 1 Platinum Package

If you decide to complete one of these courses you will be taught by highly experienced professionals who will help you pass your test. The average salary of an LGV 1 Driver is around £32,000 with the potential to earn up to £36,000!***


If you already have a career as an HGV driver and are looking to progress further, you could consider completing one of our ADR courses. There are a variety of different ADR courses available here at 2 Start, and the one you complete will depend on the types of substances you are going to be delivering. The different courses we provide include:

  • ADR Refresher Packages & Tanks – Classes 2,3,4,5,6,8 & 9
  • ADR Training Core & Packages
  • ADR Training – Core, Packages & Tanks
  • All Classes 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 & 9
  • ADR Class 1 – Explosives only
  • ADR Class 7 – Radioactive only
  • Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA)

The amount you can earn as an ADR driver very much depends on which level of training you have because if you have ‘All Classes’ then you are able to deliver a larger amount of different substances, compared to having just Class 7. The average salary for an ADR driver in the UK is around £26,000 going up to around £32,000.****


As well as driver delivery jobs, there are expected to be an increase in warehouse jobs such as forklift drivers, because of big stockpiles that have built up over lockdown. Here at 2 Start, we provide a range of different forklift training courses, depending on which type of forklift you require training on. The forklift courses we provide include:

  • Counterbalance
  • Reach Truck
  • Powered Pallet Truck
  • Bendi / Pivot Steer
  • Moffett Truck

The type of forklift training that you will require depends on the type of job and facilities that you will work in, as some forklifts are more efficient at completing some jobs than others. Again, the cost and duration of your course will vary depending on your requirements and experience.

The average salary for a Forklift Operator is around £20,000 with the ability to get up to £23,000***** and more!

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