What is HIAB?

HIAB is a popular brand name for a Lorry Mounted Crane, this machine is a great alternative to a crane as it can be driven between work sites on the same day.

HIAB qualifications are available in 2 varieties, ALLMI and ITSSAR. ALLMI is the most recognised organisation within the lorry loader industry and is CSCS approved meaning it is able to deliver to construction sites. ITSSAR is widely recognised within the general haulage industry focusing on mechanical handling equipment and is slightly more economical. Both courses have their own merit and are valuable to complete.

Our HIAB certificate is valid to be applied for cranes up to 20 tonnes/metres. A driver can also use a remote HIAB, which is when you use a remote chest pack instead of using the controls on the side of the machine. Our training will certify you to use both.

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What is HIAB training?

Our training is comprehensive and teaches clients to properly load and unload from the back of a vehicle that has a lorry mounted crane attached. Accidents may occur if this sort of equipment is used without proper training first so it’s vital a course is taken.

We have courses that are suitable for all different levels of ability and experience, all of which will give you the skills and knowledge that you need to safely and securely operate a HIAB and gain your licence. Additionally, we have a wide range of attachments available for you to learn on.

What is TOPS?

TOPS stands for the Trained Operator Passport Scheme and was introduced by ITSSAR. This system is a comprehensive database which shows all a drivers training qualifications. This system shows a driver’s competence on different vehicles so can help to prevent accidents by only allowing skilled drivers to use the equipment.

Our Portsmouth branch can provide comprehensive HIAB training to a variety of learners. We also have depots in Southampton, Reading and Worthing. We can also bring a HIAB vehicle to your site anywhere in Hampshire and Berkshire.

Why Train With 2start?

Highly experienced and qualified HIAB instructors.
Dedicates and undisturbed training facilities.
Top-quality training vehicles and equipment.

Frequently Asked HIAB Questions

What is the difference between Lorry-Mounted Crane training and HIAB training?

There is no difference between Lorry-Mounted Crane Training and HIAB training, HIAB is a popular brand of lorry-mounted crane and has become a popular term for lorry mounted crane training. Both sets of training will teach students how to load and unload from the back of a vehicle that has a lorry-mounted crane attached.

What attachments can I be trained on?

We have a variety of attachments available for you to be trained on, which include:

  • Brick Grab
  • Hook
  • Clamshell

We have courses that will provide training on only one attachment, alternatively, we have courses that will teach candidates how to use both the Brick Grab and Hook attachment.

What locations can I complete my HIAB training?

We are able to offer ALLMI HIAB training at all four of our training depots which includes centres in Portsmouth, Southampton, Reading and Worthing. This gives us good coverage of the Hampshire, Berkshire and West Sussex regions, and allows us to cater for students in the surrounding areas.

How much is HIAB training?

The price of your ALLMI HIAB training will depend upon which of our courses you complete, with those courses that take longer to complete or that include more than one attachment costing more.

It is recommended that those who have little to no experience at operating a HIAB complete one of our Novice courses which will give you all the skills and knowledge that you need.


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