What is HGV Driver Training?

HGV stands for Heavy Goods Vehicle and is typically the acronym used in the UK logistics industry when talking about lorry driving. HGV training refers to driver training that includes vehicles with a gross combined mass of over 3500kgs. Furthermore, HGV training and LGV training have no differences with LGV standing for Large Goods Vehicles. An HGV licence is required by anyone who wants to drive a vehicle that is between 3,500kgs & 12,000 kgs.

If you are planning on driving vehicles that fall into these weight categories, you will need to complete HGV driver training. There are two types of HGV licences which are the HGV Class 1 & HGV Class 2 licences.

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Frequently Asked HGV Questions

How long does it take to train as an HGV driver?

The time it takes to gain your HGV licence from start to finish can vary for every candidate, depending on their requirements and skill levels when they first start their training.

A good estimate from start to finish is around 4-5 months to complete the whole process, including roughly 2-6 weeks from completing your medical and then receiving your provisional licence with the extra HGV entitlements added.

The amount of time it takes you to pass your HGV test could be longer, with some candidates needing extra hours of on-the-road driving and more time to gain confidence at operating an HGV.

How much does HGV driver training cost?

At the time of writing in December 2021, 2 Start’s HGV training prices range from just over £1000 for a C1 category HGV course right up to the full Artic C+E HGV training package options that are just under £4000. Although prices are subject to change*, certainly with the DVSA changes taking effect on 15th November 2021, this should give you a good idea of what type of training budget you should be looking to invest in your career and HGV training.

HGV training costs vary across the board, with different companies offering different prices but the above will give you some guidance.

The price for your HGV training will also depend on; which category vehicle you wish to train on, the number of hours of training you want to complete, and other external factors such as some candidates needing to complete re-tests.

Here at 2 Start, we have a very competitive HGV training prices for all of our categories, including CAT C, C+E, and our new Fast Track car to C+E courses.

2 Start Training also offer a Price Match Guarantee on all our HGV training courses!

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How much does an HGV driver earn?

An HGV driver in the UK as of December 2021 typically earns the average salary of around £34,000[i]. However, this number can drastically change depending on many factors, such as:

  • If you are driving a Class 1 or Class 2 HGV.
  • The experience you have as an HGV driver.
  • The type of loads that you are delivering.
  • The distances and hours that you are willing to work.
  • If you have additional entitlements such as ADR.

These are just some of the varying factors that can affect how much you earn as an HGV driver, with many more that can be named. However, with increasing demand and an increase in salaries for HGV drivers, some companies have been seen to offer up to £50,000[ii] a year for HGV Class 1 drivers.

[i] https://uk.indeed.com/career/truck-driver/salaries

[ii] https://uk.indeed.com/jobs?q=hgv%20driver&l=England&vjk=82c76940f945742f&advn=7642292610698607

*All figures are accurate from the date of publishing*

What licence do I need to drive an HGV?

There are two HGV licences that you will need to obtain depending on the category of vehicle you want to drive. To drive a Rigid lorry, you will need to gain your CAT C licence, and to drive an articulated lorry you will need to obtain your C+E licence.

Those who hold a CAT C licence can drive vehicles over 3,500kgs with a trailer up to 750kgs MAM.

Those who hold a C+E licence will be able to drive vehicles over 3,500kgs with a trailer over 750kgs.

Is it hard to drive an HGV?

This really depends on your level of driving confidence and spatial awareness; it can take some getting used to when you first begin to drive an HGV. However, the more experience you gain and confidence you get, the ‘easier’ HGV driving will become.

Completing any of our HGV training courses will give you the skills and knowledge that you need to safely and efficiently operate the category of vehicle specified in your training.

The size and weight of a rigid and especially an articulated vehicle is difficult to get used to but receiving industry-leading training, such as the standard of service provided by us at 2 Start, will ensure you gain your HGV licence.

Can you go straight for Class 1 HGV?

Yes, as of November 15th 2021, you can now go straight from a car to a Class 1 HGV. The November 2021 changes were introduced by the Government to reduce the national HGV driver shortage.

These changes included:

  • Approved training centres and accredited assessors are now able to undertake the reversing test for the 3A section of the test.
  • The 3B practical driver section of the test still needs to be completed with a DVSA examiner but is now 60 minutes in duration, up 10 minutes from the previous 50 minutes it used to take.

We have added many Fast Track options to allow our students to go from a car straight to a Class 1 HGV.

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How do I become an HGV driver?

To become an HGV driver, you will need to meet the minimum requirements of being 18 years old or above and holding a Category B (car) licence. If you meet these requirements, you will need to complete the following process:

  • Pass your driver medical and gain your provisional licence.
  • Pass your Hazard Perception and Theory Tests.
  • Complete your practical training.
  • Pass your DVSA test.
  • Complete any required Drivers’ CPC training.
Are truck drivers in demand?

Yes, truck drivers are in demand now more than ever! The national UK HGV driver shortage has meant that many companies are looking for drivers and are offering improved salaries and more sociable working hours.

Read our recent article on is it worth getting my UK HGV licence? For more information on the top reasons, you should gain your HGV licence and the huge demand we are seeing for HGV drivers.

How do I start my HGV training?

To start your HGV training all you need to do is book your desired training course! This can be done online, or you can contact our experienced friendly team of training advisors, who will guide you every step of the way on your journey!

Call us now on 02392 123 555!

If you are unsure of the training course that is ideal for you, don’t panic and call our team now, who will go through your individual requirements and help choose the perfect HGV training course for you!

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Why train with 2 start?

Industry-leading HGV training facilities.
Top-quality training vehicles.
Dedicated on-site reversing facilities.
4 HGV training centres.
High Pass Rates.
DVSA and JAUPT Approved Centres.

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2 Start Training
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mike clarkmike clark
12:26 24 Mar 22
Passed my Class 2 HGV test today first time with 2 Start LTD. What can I say, excellent training and constant focus on getting you test ready. Massive thank you to Katie & Kev who both went out there way to make passing seem easy! If you are reading this, contemplating starting your lessons and looking for a reliable training centre with excellent instructors..... look no further!!Mike
Shaun ThompsonShaun Thompson
20:53 17 Feb 22
Over the moon with the training I received! Clear and thorough! Passed my CAT C first time with many thanks to instructor Robin who really gets the best of you, definitely returning soon for my C+E
Dr WDr W
10:15 11 Feb 22
Passed my D1 with 2 Start this week. The staff are great, it was a very fun week. Would definitely recommend!
Luke WhiteLuke White
13:36 18 Jan 22
The whole place is brilliant.Would highly recommend.Thank you to the whole team.Luke WhiteCM Sports
Dion HintonDion Hinton
12:52 17 Jan 22
Recently attended a Transport Manager CPC course at the Portsmouth depot.The course content was superbly delivered linking to real world scenarios making it easy to understand and absorb.The staff and tutors were incredibly friendly and helpful going above and beyond to assist in anyway they could.Very enjoyable experience from start to finish would definitely recommend.
David IsleDavid Isle
20:20 17 Dec 21
Completed my CPC training today after 5Days of online courses with Nicky HansonOne of 2 Start Training instructors with bags of real life HGV driving experience under her belt, that made learning a pleasure and enjoyable.Thanks Nicky. David
micheal reesmicheal rees
11:06 03 Dec 21
It was well run and very efficient the trainer was top notch and gave me a lot of information I was unaware of.
15:02 20 Nov 21
My 3 days at Portsmouth was fun Don my instructor amazing allways going through happy and allways up for a chat 💬 taught me all I need to know 10/10
07:46 06 Nov 21
Brilliant HGV training centre. Will and Kev trained me. All the guys are brilliant and helpful. Got me through my class 2 test 😁🚛👌🏼
17:48 18 Oct 21
Recently just passed C+E having been instructed by Don.Don is an excellent instructor, his calm method of teaching made it a really enjoyable week for us, he gave pointers when needed and answered every of the many questions asked.As a result of Don's great instruction, we passed 1st time.Thanks 2 start and Don!


2 Start Ltd (Southampton), Unit 2 Four Dells Farm, Poles Lane, Otterbourne, Winchester, SO21 2DY
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2 Start Training
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Michal GandynMichal Gandyn
16:05 24 Jun 22
Hi. Today I finish my periodic CPC Course. Was really nice 5 days. A lot og group talks about rules on the Road sharing experiences. Thank you Adam Grant our instructor. Highly recommend 2 start ltd.
Jack TaylorJack Taylor
17:29 09 Mar 22
Couldn’t recommend these guys more. Good quality vehicles and amazing instructors that fill you with confidence. First time pass with 1 minor. A special thanks to Carl, Joe, Dell and Mark.
Adam BainAdam Bain
16:26 13 Jan 22
I went from zero experience to passing and I absolutely believe it was down to Martin and the rest of the team. They were patient and professional and I enjoyed every min. Passed first time as well.
Richard JonesRichard Jones
18:42 15 Dec 21
I was allocated Instructor Martin Keen who was very professional and extremely knowledgeable. I particularly enjoyed the constructive criticism and feedback of the errors of my ways and techniques of driving as I progressed through the course, which I took on board and on my test day I was well ready and confident in passing. which I then passed my practical C + E driving test. Happy with this company.
Damian HumphreyDamian Humphrey
23:18 11 Dec 21
I passed my class 2 first time. My instructor (angel in disghise) was Janet. Would highly recommend 2 Start. Top drawer professionals. Well worth it. Thankyou so very much.
Graham EmeryGraham Emery
06:52 27 Nov 21
I can’t recommend 2Start highly enough, I did class 2 training and test with them and then Class 1 training and test. Janette was very patient and professional during my class 2 and likewise Adam was to during my class 1. Both instructors put me at ease which made for a great week of training. Due to my own stupidity I failed my first test on both classes but I went back for second tests and Martin took me to them, again very calming and professional. Great company, nice vehicles to learn in.
James ReynoldsJames Reynolds
16:45 09 Jul 21
Absolutely fantastic group of people, massive thanks to Martin for the training on my cat c and an even bigger thanks to Carl for my first day on my cat ce and Adam your just a gem
Zack ReveleyZack Reveley
15:28 05 Apr 21
The staff are friendly and easy to get along with, which helped ease me into learning at my own pace. All the instructors were experience drivers with many years in professional industries. I have managed to complete my Cat C and Mod 4 with the company, with ease. The website is easy to navigate with multiple ways to communicate with the adviser team based in Portsmouth. Also having prices available to view beforehand makes it easy to see how much money will likely be required, and when talking to Jack (adviser) it was all streamlined, quick and with no forceful selling like I had experience with other companies.One thing to note is they do not guide you through the theory process as this will be something you will need to prep for and complete prior to practicals, however there are a lot of material available online and in the DVSA books (recommend "The official DVSA guide to: Driving goods vehicle" a lot of useful information).


2 Start Ltd (Reading), Unit 32 Youngs Ind Est, Paices Hill, Reading, RG7 4PW
Call: 01184 021861

2 Start Training
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Barrie WoodBarrie Wood
15:20 01 Jul 22
Just completed the 5 day CPC course on line with Nicky Hanson for my cat C , it was really informative and i learned so much, thanks Nicky.Big thank you from me to all at 2start.Barrie wood
Five past midnightFive past midnight
23:20 21 May 22
Great team here at 2 start I highly recommend using them. I had a fantastic week past all my test to drive c2 lorry I failed my practical due to my own error and nothing to do with these guys . I just got one retest to get done but there coaching and support before and after was excellent . Great team thanks again guys hope see you again soon
Anto RuseAnto Ruse
13:15 06 May 22
Thanks guys for everything!I've passed my Class 2 Driving test today with help from the best team (10start Reading) 😄😄😄
Mark RileyMark Riley
15:50 13 Apr 22
Had a great time with Phil, can’t recommend this place enough. I’ll be telling anyone who needs training to come here.
Adam CollyerAdam Collyer
20:05 25 Mar 22
I've just passed my class 2 test today and I couldn't rate this company anymore . From start to finish they have been amazing . I also done my cpc a few months back aswell . My instructor Clinton k was outstanding . He was very informative and really helped me to pass my test first time . Massive praise to Clinton k and the 2start team for everything .
Mathew DawsonMathew Dawson
10:45 20 Jan 22
Taken Cat C with this company and Alex (one of the instructors) made you feel relaxed from the start. 5* service and passed first time.
Mike BrooksMike Brooks
19:18 15 Jan 22
I have just completed a 5 day Fork Lift Truck course here. Very professional setup and a great facility.Mark was my instructor & he was brilliant with us.Definitely recommend him and this company10/10
Ilie ViorelIlie Viorel
10:18 21 Oct 21
Had a great time with Clint.s.at reading passed my artic test today thank you to all the staff at 2 start Readingthank you
Me And MeMe And Me
11:44 15 Oct 21
Instructor was very knowledgeable and knew what he was doing. Most importantly he new to convey that knowledge.
Jamie LinegarJamie Linegar
08:51 15 Sep 21
Big thank you to Clint, Aussie Clint and Mark for all helping me pass my Category C1 License. They are all great instructors and would highly recommend to anyone looking to pass! Thanks again!
12:30 26 Jul 21
Passed my category c with these today ! Nice clean vehicles very professional instructors . Mark s my instructor was Great from start to finish! Turned me from a B to a C licence in a week! Pleasure to have been a student here 👍 advice : just listen 👂 as the guys here know what they are talking about
Mark IMark I
15:38 16 Jul 21
Really helpful, friendly staff and great vehicles to learn in.


2 Start Ltd (Worthing), The Vinery Ind Est, Unit 54 & 55, Poling, Worthing, BN18 9PY
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2 Start Training
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Paul curryPaul curry
13:46 10 Jun 22
Did my C+E with 2 Start this week and passed first time. Paul my instructor was fantastic, explained everything precisely and made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. I highly recommend 2 Start and from my experience Paul
simon curtissimon curtis
19:15 10 May 22
Getting in and driving an artic for the first time is a daunting task to say the least. My instructor (Paul) was awesome. His instructions were clear and easy to understand and I'm sure he must have got a little fed up having to repeat himself to me. His patience with me was endless he always stayed calm which made the training quite a relaxed experience and made for a nice drive. He was friendly and great to talk to which made the driving more enjoyable it was actually a good laugh and good fun. I could actually hear Paul's voice in my mind as I took my test like an angel on my shoulder. I passed first time and I can't thank him enough for all his help. I highly recommend 2 start, if I could give more stars I would.Thanks again Paul, wishing you all the best mate.Mr S CurtisPs Paul should definitely get employee of the month again.
shawn dwyershawn dwyer
15:02 25 Mar 22
would highly recommend rob who was my cat c trainer,always able to answer any queastions and explain things clearly,top bloke
Alin PopAlin Pop
19:35 18 Mar 22
Briliant team!!! With their help and professionalism I have managed to get a better sense of what it means to be behind the wheel of a lorry. They helped me with information regarding all my questions and to improve to my driving skills in order to pass the driving test for cat C. Can't wait to carry on with them and start doing my C+E and CPC. They are the best and I have already recommended them to a friend who is about to start also his practice with them. Thank you for all the help Paul.
Steve MorrisSteve Morris
12:34 11 Mar 22
Mark (Worthing Manager) and Paul (instructor) worked tirelessly to give me all the help I needed to pass my class C. It took a few goes but I got there and the encouragement was always there. Good facilities at Worthing and I’ll be back their at some point to get my C + E. On passing was being driven back from Lancing and passed Mark in a 2Start Artic training another student heading to Lancing...got a loud congrats blast on the air horn and saw Mark bouncing up and down on his seat and giving me the thumbs up...it made me laugh. Good guys at Worthing & good training.
Amy PlantAmy Plant
12:47 31 Jan 22
Brilliant place,they helped me through my cat c tests.i was a very nervous learner and i passed.awesome instructors and Paul was a great trainer.im already saving for my next test and wouldn't even think about going elsewhere.
Ryan FraserRyan Fraser
11:26 15 Dec 21
Very professional tutors explain everything clearly so the information stays in would highly recommend this company
Adrian TharbyAdrian Tharby
10:35 15 Dec 21
Superb trading team. Paul excellent communicator and patient approach to teaching. Highly recommend this team for all logistics training.
02:59 06 Dec 21
I've been looking to get into the HGV industry as a lorry driver and I've been looking into booking a course, so I thought I'd try some introduction/trial drives with a few companies to see which company I like the most.After trying a few companies, 2 Start Training in Worthing is by far the best company I've experienced. The instructor Paul was very good, he was able to communicate and teach clearly and effectively and he made me feel at ease.2 Start Training had by far the best lorry to train in. A different company that I had an introduction drive with put me in a old, worn out lorry that broke down!2 Start Training have a professional, cosy office/reception area with break out rooms, along with a fully stocked vending machine. I'll definitely be completing a 5 day course in order to hopefully gain my HGV class 2 (category C) licence.I would highly recommend this company if you're looking to gain qualifications for the haulage industry.
Tim NichollsTim Nicholls
16:57 25 Nov 21
Mark and the team at 2 Start Worthing are utterly professional and ably demonstrate their commitment to getting you to the best standard. Great motivators who encourage and build your confidence. They are approachable enthusiastic and make full use of their good facilities and equipment.
Jeremy SkinnerJeremy Skinner
15:20 25 Nov 21
Jon my trainer answered all my questions and made me feel relaxed, and ready for my new job. Thanks, great service.
Darren RadmoreDarren Radmore
20:57 21 Sep 21
Fantastic experience with the worthing team. Passed class 2 first time. Great team of staff and a great instructor Sean who was very professional and easy to get along with. Thanks to everyone at 2Start Training.