What is HGV Driver Training?

HGV stands for Heavy Goods Vehicle and is typically the acronym used in the UK logistics industry when talking about lorry driving. HGV training refers to driver training that includes vehicles with a gross combined mass of over 3500kgs. Furthermore, HGV training and LGV training have no differences with LGV standing for Large Goods Vehicles. An HGV licence is required by anyone who wants to drive a vehicle that is between 3,500kgs & 12,000 kgs.

If you are planning on driving vehicles that fall into these weight categories, you will need to complete HGV driver training. There are two types of HGV licences which are the HGV Class 1 & HGV Class 2 licences, with the class 2 licence needing to be achieved first before you can gain your class 1 licence.

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How to gain your HGV licence

In order to be eligible to become a lorry driver you need:

  • To have a full car licence
  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Get CPC qualified if you’re driving as part of a job or for financial gain

To gain your HGV licence, you will need to first complete a driver medical and you will also need to apply for your provisional CAT C HGV licence. We are able to help you every step of the way and our team can arrange your driver medical locally and conveniently for you.

Once you have passed your medical and gained your provisional licence, you will then need to complete the Hazard Perception & Multiple-Choice theory tests. Next, once you have passed your theory tests, you will need to complete practical training, the right course will be chosen between you and our team and then you will complete your HGV driving test once you have completed your practical training.

Frequently Asked HGV Questions

How to start HGV training?

To start one of our HGV driver training courses, all you need to do is decide which of our courses is the best one for you and then choose the best date available for you to complete your training. It is that simple! Our online booking system allows you to easily book your HGV training course and complete your training quickly!

Additionally, you can call our team on 02392 123555, and they will arrange everything for you! Also, you can email us at daisy@2start-training.com.

How long does HGV training take?

The length of your HGV training course will completely depend on which one of our HGV driver training courses you decide to complete. If you haven’t already achieved your Class 2 licence, then your training will take between 14-49 hours depending on your current experience and confidence levels.

If you have already achieved your CAT C licence, then our HGV Class 1 training course takes between 3.5-24.5 hours to complete.

How much does HGV driver training cost?

The prices for our HGV training vary depending on which one of our courses you complete. We have courses suitable for complete beginners to those who only need a refresher course. Our HGV 2 courses vary between £1,195 and £4,350.

Additionally, if you’re looking to progress and gain your C+E licence, then our HGV Class 1 courses vary between £270 and £2,275.

When will HGV training resume?

HGV training is available now! There was a temporary suspension of all driver training, but we are now running at full capacity and have a variety of dates available for all of our driver training courses!

We are also continuously adding new training dates for our HGV driver training courses!

Do I need Driver’s CPC training?

You will only need to complete your 35-hours of periodic CPC training if you are driving for hire & reward purposes or as the main part of your job. If you are driving as a hobby, then you will not need to complete CPC training.

We have both online and classroom CPC training courses available with 7-hour and 35-hour options on offer. We also have a wide variety of training modules that you can choose to complete!


Why train with 2 start?

Industry-leading HGV training facilities.
Top-quality training vehicles.
Dedicated on-site reversing facilities.

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Where can I become qualified?

Our training courses run from our Portsmouth, Southampton, Reading and Worthing facilities and cover Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire and West Sussex.

If you’re looking to become a qualified Heavy Goods Vehicle driver, get in touch today with our expert team and book your course today!