Guide To Driver Medical Exams

What is the medical exam?

In order to operate any kind of LGV or heavy machinery, the individual must be deemed safe medically to do so. This includes things like eyesight, heart problems and sleep disorders. You must be fit enough to pass these exams. Obviously driving heavy goods vehicles (HGV) can be a demanding job, so you need to be fully assessed. You don’t have to be in amazing physical health – simply reasonably healthy and safe behind the wheel.

What does the exam entail?

All drivers must undergo the medical exam from a qualified physician. You must take a new exam when your license is due for renewal, to ensure nothing has changed.
The exam will begin with a series of questions, which you must answer as honestly as you can. This will include existing conditions and mental health. Next, you will have a physical exam, which measures such things as eyesight. As a driver, your vision is of vital importance. HGV drivers must be able to read a number plate from 20 yards. You can still pass the exam if you need glasses or contact lenses so just ensure you’re honest with the doctor and take them to the test, as you would when you drive.
If you are currently on any medication, ensure you bring it with you to show the doctor. It’s vital they know about any existing medical conditions.

Your license

Once you’ve got your medical certificate, it will be valid for four months. For those renewing an existing licence, expect to receive it within three weeks of sending your form off to the DVLA.

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