Government updates on driving tests

Government Updates on Driving Tests

The Government has recently released information about driving tests and how procedures have changed due to the recent UK lockdown and COVID-19.

This article will explain some of the new procedures and processes that you will have to follow when completing your driving tests.

The Government has said that all vocational lessons and test can safely resume as normal in areas that fall in Tiers 1 & 2 when national lockdown restrictions end on 2nd December 2020.

Additionally, driving lessons can restart in all tiers from the 2nd December 2020.


Additional measures in Tier 3

Anyone who has a practical test booked from 3rd December 2020 and is exempt from wearing face covers will potentially have to delay their test until the area moves out of Tier 3. Tests will be changed to a different date if the DVSA can’t find a volunteer examiner to complete the test with the candidate not wearing a mask/face covering.

Waiting rooms

The DVSA are going to be opening up a further 94 waiting rooms in December following successful reopening’s of some waiting rooms in a number of locations.

What you can expect on your driving test

There have been some changes made to driving tests to ensure the safety of the pupils and examiners during COVID-19.

Guidance on theory tests

Tests that were booked for 2nd December 2020 had previously been rebooked by the DVSA to a later date. Anyone with a test on this date should be contacted in the chance to still complete their test on this date.

Vehicle Ventilation

Vehicles must have the windows open throughout the test; pupils are advised to dress appropriately for the weather. Also, at least 2 windows on the opposite side of the vehicle need to be open throughout the entire duration of the test.

If the weather is bad, you don’t need to open the window so far down that it makes the inside of the vehicle overly wet.

Vehicle cleanliness

Because of the Coronavirus, the inside of vehicles must be cleaned before tests take place.

This includes:

  • Tidying unnecessary items away from dashboards, footwells, door pockets, cup holders and seats.

  • Wiping down the dashboard, car controls and touchpoints such as door handles and seat belt controls.

Completing insurance & residency declaration

Pupils will need to fill out an insurance and residency declaration, they will also need to have their licence checked inside the vehicle if there is bad weather.

Pupils are advised to bring a pen with them to complete any paperwork.


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