What is Forklift Operator training?

Forklift training is designed to give students the correct skills and knowledge that they need to be able to safely and efficiently operate the forklift that is used within their chosen training course. Additionally, completing forklift training will show employers that you have the correct training & qualifications as well as helping ensure the safety of other employees in your workplace.

We offer forklift training on five different types of forklift trucks which include Counterbalance, Reach, Pivot-steer, Moffett and Powered Pallet Trucks, all of which have a variety of courses that cater for different skill and confidence levels. We are able to offer forklift training at our Portsmouth, Southampton, Reading and Worthing training depots which gives us good coverage of Hampshire, Berkshire and West Sussex.

Additionally, we are able to carry our off-site forklift training on our customer’s sites, using their equipment.


Powered Pallet Trucks

A powered pallet truck, also known as an electric pallet mover are usually used in a warehouse for low levelling lifting of pallets.  Powered pallet trucks commonly move pallets around the factory and can also load and offload pallets from a range of different vehicles.

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Counterbalance Forklift Truck

The counterbalance forklift truck has two forks at the front and is used by manoeuvring close to a load to pick it up and then move it. It’s a standard forklift truck and is suitable for use both inside and out.  Overloading the forklift can result in the vehicle tipping over.  For this reason, it is vital that the user completes the appropriate training.

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Reach Forklift Truck

Reach forklift trucks are used in narrow aisles of warehouses and factories. With two forks that distribute the load, these are very agile machines which are good for working at height. The wheels have a tight turn radius and are predominantly used to offload products at larger heights.

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Bendi Forklift Trucks

A bendi forklift truck can also be known as a flexi or Bendi truck. These machines are often used in tight spaces and are steered via the front swivel articulation. Bendi forklift trucks are easy to learn how to confidently operate and manoeuvre.

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Moffett Truck

A Moffett truck is a great machine for increasing productivity as it provides fast turnaround of work. Its light enough to be carried on a truck, eliminating the need for a seperate forklift delivery. As well as being economical, the Moffett truck is capable of performing a number of tasks a standard forklift can’t.

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Why Train With 2 Start?

We are constantly investing in our machines to ensure we continue to provide the best vehicles for our customers.
fully equipped warehouse and classroom training facilities.
Taught by expert and qualified forklift training instructors.

Forklift Training at 2 Start

Here at 2 Start Training, we strive to give our students the best forklift training experience available on the market. That is why we have continued to massively invest in all of our training centres to ensure they reach and surpass the highest standards available.

All of our depots have spacious warehouse facilities and fully equipped classroom facilities which allows our students to train in a dedicated environment with the best facilities. Also, all of our forklift training instructors are extremely qualified and experienced, meaning they will ensure you have the knowledge and ability you need to pass your test and gain your forklift licence.

Forklift Training Facilities

Forklift Training Course Information

I have never used a forklift before, what is the best course for me?

For those who don’t have any experience on a forklift, we suggest the 5-day novice course. This could be reduced to 3 days if the training is 1:1. If you want to complete the day refresher course, you’ll need a certificate to prove you’ve had prior training. If you’ve lost it, you must do a 3-day experienced operators’ course. If your certificate has run out, you need to complete a 1-day refresher course.

How long will my course take?

Our forklift courses range from novice to experienced operator and we also offer one-day refresher courses for those who need it. A novice course lasts 5 days and an experienced operator takes 3 days. Once you’ve finished the course you’ll receive your operators card and certificate upon achievement of your chosen course. You must be at least 18 to drive any kind of forklift.

Forklift training doesn’t require a driving licence as it’s simply a certification. Once you complete it successfully, you’ll receive your operating card and certificate. If you were travelling on a public highway, this is the only occasion you’d need a license.

Testing is broken down into 3 parts

The forklift examination process includes three elements of testing which include:

  • Pre-shift check test
  • Theory tests
  • Practical operational test

All three testing sections need to be passed in order to gain your forklift certification.

What is TOPS

TOPS stands for The Trained Operator Passport Scheme.  Created by ITSSAR, it’s a database to show all of the training you’ve successfully completed. This scheme proves that a person has valid training and so can reduce accidents.


Our team are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals. Every 2 Start instructor is fully qualified to educate and examine on a staggering 22 industrial groups. From pedestrian pallet trucks to telescopic masted rough terrain trucks, we can help you. If you need some extra tuition or English isn’t your first language, please don’t be put off completing one of our courses. They are designed to be accessible for everyone and our instructors are fully trained to assist students who need a bit of extra tuition and theory tests can be read to students if needed. Speak to our team today about how we can help you. 2 Start Training Ltd is accredited by ITSSAR (Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register). They are one of the most recognised accreditations for forklift training.

Forklift Training Costs

The cost of your forklift training will depend upon which of our training courses you decide to complete. Those candidates who are less experienced in operating a forklift are likely to require a longer course which will give you more time to train and become familiar with the machinery.


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