Forklift trucks are invaluable in warehouses and stockrooms to make the transportation and storage of products easier and quicker. To help your business improve efficiency and processes, without compromising on safety, we offer forklift training courses in Worthing, to learners over 18.

At our training centre in Worthing, the Forklift truck training courses we provide  are as follows:

Powered Pallet Trucks

A powered pallet truck is used for loading and offloading pallets. It’s commonly found in stockrooms, warehouses, and other environments where pallets are found. This machine is safe and easy to use.

Counterbalance Forklift Truck

The Counterbalance Forklift truck is the most common type of truck. It can be used both inside and outside and therefore can be utilised for a range of tasks. They use a counterbalance weight design with weight at the rear of the truck. Appropriate training is vital for this machine as incorrect use can result in the vehicle tipping over.

Why train with 2 start?

  • We are constantly investing in our machines to ensure we continue to provide the best vehicles for our customers.
  • We have hundreds of happy previous customers and currently have a 4.9 rating on Google.
  • It’s easy to say that we are the ‘Premier Driving School’, but the proof is in the facilities offered and the results obtained by our students.

Reach Forklift Truck

As the name suggests, the reach forklift truck is perfect for working to offload products at heights. They are agile machines which are ideal for working in tight spaces. A cumbersome counterweight doesn’t need to be used as the stabilising legs and battery maintain the balance of the truck. A reach forklift operates best inside, in areas such as warehouses.

Bendi Forklift Trucks

The Bendi Forklift is perfect for navigating narrow aisles and is a fairly quick machine. Legally, they are allowed to lift the load as they move, rather than lifting and then moving, which reduces loading time. They also have ample side view, so the user has a better vision of what is around them. The Bendi Forklift doesn’t take up much room, so storage is easy. Training for this machine is similar to a car, making the learning process simple.

Moffett Truck

A Moffett truck is versatile and can unload cargo with no need for assistance. Additionally, they can be transported on a truck or trailer, which eradicates the need for Forklift delivery, saving time and money. The Moffett truck is ideal for making deliveries and is highly useful as it can be driven on a variety of tough terrain.

forklift training courses worthing

How long are the Forklift courses in Worthing?

All of our courses range from novice to experienced and we also offer a refresher course for those who need a reminder. The duration of the course depends on the level you select but will be between one and five days. Once you’ve successfully completed your training, you will receive a certificate and operating card and you are ready to use the vehicle.

Testing is broken down into 3 parts.

Pre-shift check test – to ensure that you know the proper procedure for checking that the equipment is safe for use.

Theory test – comprising of 20 multiple choice question and 5 short explanation questions.

Practical operational test – driving through a chicane and 3 lifts at differing heights.

What is TOPs?

TOPs stands for the Trainer Operator Passport Scheme. In short, this scheme is a way of showing exactly which training you’ve completed on which vehicles. It was created by ITSSAR and is utilised to prevent accidents and improper use on sites.

To drive a Forklift on a public highway, you would need a valid driving license.  However, for use in warehouses and on sites, you do not need a driving license to complete any Forklift certification. All learners must be 18 years old and above.

What level of forklift course is right for me?

I have never used a forklift before, what is the best course for me?

Our novice course is ideal for a first-time Forklift user and will take 5 days to complete. If the training is one on one, the duration may be reduced to 3 days.

I have used a forklift before, what is the best course for me?

Our one-day refresher course is available for those with previous training who want to remind themselves of the skills needed. To complete this course, you will need to provide us with your certificate. If you have lost your certificate you will need to complete 3 days experienced operators’ course, and a 1-day refresher will need to be completed if your certificate has expired.


Our instructors consistently provide a high-quality service for every client. They are all fully qualified to educate and examine on a staggering 22 industrial groups, covering all manner of machines from pallet trucks to telescopic mastered training trucks. Our trainers are fully competent to train those who need a bit of extra tuition, or if English isn’t their first language. All theory tests can be read aloud to students if needed. 2 Start Training Ltd is accredited to ITSSAR (Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register). They are one of the most recognised accreditations for forklift training.

Forklift Courses Available in Worthing

We offer Forklift training throughout Worthing and the surrounding areas as well as a variety of other driver training including CPC, HGV and Ambulance training. We want to make our courses as accessible as possible for all learners. This is why we’ve created our train-now-pay-later schemes to avoid upfront costs. Speak to one of our team today.

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