Driving Training

Can I drive a truck on my ordinary car driving licence?

If you passed your car driving test before 1st January 1997 you will automatically have “acquired rights” to categories C1, D1 and B+E entitlements which means you can drive goods vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes, towing a trailer up to 750kg, a minibus up to 16 seats towing a trailer and a car towing any trailer. If you passed your test after 1st January 1997 you are allowed to drive vehicles up 3.5 tonnes (Ford Transit or Mercedes Sprinter sized vehicles but check the Gross Weight on the vehicles plate because some “Small vans” are not that small!) towing a trailer up to 750kg (but not exceeding a train weight of 3.5tonnes), a minibus up to 8 seats towing a trailer up to 750kg (not exceeding a train weight of 3.5tonnes) and a car towing a trailer up to 750kgs (again, not exceeding the 3.5 tonnes train weight).

How long after passing my category C do i have to wait until i can take my C+E test?

Almost straight away. Once you have passed you category C you will need to send your driving licence away to DVLA. They will up date your licence and add the provisional C+E entitlement automatically. As soon as your licence returns you can then book your C+E training and test.

Can I learn to drive a truck using my car licence?

No. You will need to apply to the D.V.L.A. for provisional entitlement of the correct category to be added onto your licence.

They asked for a “Class 1“ driver. Does category C1 mean Class 1?

No. Licence categories changed in the early 1990?s to bring the U.K. into line with the rest of Europe. Here are the main categories:

Do I need to pass my class 2 ridged licence before i pass my class 1?

A. Yes you will need to pass your category C before you move onto your C+E training and test.

At what age can I learn to drive a truck?

As from 10th of September 2009, you can drive a category C1, C and C+E lorry, D1 D and D+E Bus at 18 as long as you have passed the Driver CPC.

I want to drive an artic. Can I go straight from car licence to artic licence?

No. Here is the process from Car (category B) to artic (category C+E):

  • Category B (your full car licence)
  • Apply for category C provisional entitlement (you must be over 18 and will have to pass a medical as part of the application process)
  • Pass L.G.V. Theory tests (Module 1) (well done!)
  • Pass category C practical test (well done again! Your licence will be automatically issued to you by the DVLA with full category C entitlement and provisional C+E entitlement)
  • CPC modules 2 and 4 (if you are intending to drive professionally)
  • There is no need for a driver CPC if you are over 21 and you don’t intend to drive professionally
  • Pass category C+E practical test (well done, you’ve done it – no more tests! Your licence with full LGV entitlements will be sent to you by the DVLA

What truck will I be driving?

Do I really need a Driver CPC?

If you intend to use your LGV driving licence commercially (for hire or reward) any driver who first passed any category C driving test after 9th of September 2009 must have this new qualification. Drivers who held any LGV driving entitlement before that date have 5 years “acquired rights” to the Driver CPC. The Driver CPC is enforced on the road in the same way as holding an appropriate driving licence and it is an offence to drive without it. There are penalties for drivers and operators who flaunt this new requirement. See Driver CPC page.

At what age can I learn to drive a truck?

As from 10th of September 2009, you can drive a category C1, C and C+E lorry, D1 D and D+E Bus at 18 as long as you have passed the Driver CPC.

Forklift Training

Do operators need training?

Yes. It is a legal requirement that all operators have recognised training for the equipment being used.

Do operators have to be retested?

Yes. Under Health & Safety guidelines operators of forklift trucks have to be retested at regular intervals, normally every 3-5 years.

Do managers or supervisors need to be trained?

Yes. PUWER Regulations 1998 state that ” all persons who supervise or manage the use of work equipment have received adequate training for the purpose of Health & Safety”.

Do trucks have to be inspected daily?

Yes. A qualified forklift operator must inspect forklifts at the start of every shift. (we can provide daily check sheets for equipment).

Will one certificate cover an operator for all trucks?

No. Certification will only cover an operator for the piece of equipment that they have undergone training for. For instance a counterbalance licence will not cover an operator for a reach truck.

Will the certification cover our company for Health & Safety and Insurance purposes?

Yes. 2 Start Training Ltd Forklift truck training Instructors and Examiners are fully accredited with ITSSAR (Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register). All training courses are to the National Standards.

Is there an age requirement for forklift operators?

Yes. Operators must be over the minimum school leaving age of 16, unless operating in dockyards where the age requirement is 18 or over.

Can training be completed on our company premises?

Yes. On-site training is a good idea; it gives operators practice in the working environment. Sufficient room must be given for practical off job training.

Do operators need a car driving licence?

No. A driving licence for a car is not needed unless forklifts are being driven on the road.

How many candidates can attend a course?

The maximum amount of trainees that can attend a course is three. (unless stated otherwise)