ePAL App 2.1 -Streamlining Work on MEWPs

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The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) have released a new version of their Electronic Powered Access Licence (ePAL) App. This new update offers additional guidance and tools, which are to benefit any who use the app regularly, as well as giving operators more flexibility for obtaining documentation.

Who Would Use The App?

First launched in June 2021, the free application holds your digital certifications, as opposed to holding a physical card. Those who complete IPAF operator training will be given a 5-year valid certification. This gives operators the ability to safely operate a MEWP, and working at heights on IPAF apparatuses.

After reaching 500,000 app downloads, the IPAF ePAL app has proven to be a valuable asset for operators working on Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPS), as well as reducing costs for operators, such as the loss of cards.

What is included in the Application?

MEWP Pre-use Checks

This offers digital versions of pre-use checks for MEWPs. These are also up-to-date, and provide comprehensive assessments which are in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines.


This is an overview of operating experiences on different machines.

Machine Familiarisation Record

This is where you can keep a record of any familiarisations, in which you can also share logs through email, messages etc.

Safety Guides

The relevant safety guides are available within the app, under the safety section. This makes it easier to access than using paper documents.

Visual Warnings for Failed Checks

Alerts are given when a machine fails a pre-use check. This is to enhance safety precautions for operators.

Training Records

Including the PAL Card, this is a record which shows Powered access licences and qualifications, as well as what MEWPS you can operate on, and licence expiry.

Reporting of Accidents or “Near Misses”

You can submit anonymous reports regarding any accidents and near misses that occur. This further helps IPAF log safety data within the industry.

These features within the application are helpful and informative. IPAF stated that the app is “…bringing the ability to conduct, record and share pre-use checks for mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs).” This tool is crucial for the swift work in the Powered Access sector.

The ePAL app has helped streamline information, certifications and documentation, as well as being smooth to use. Having the latest documents, and being able to swiftly process daily operations and checks makes working with MEWPS quicker and safer.

You can download this app on iOS, through the Apple store, and on android, through Google Play.

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