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D1 Minibus Application Process


You will need to attend and pass a driver medical before you are able to begin your D1 minibus training. You can apply for your medical by using the D4 form which we can assist you with, as we will book the medical for you locally and at a convenient time.

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Provisional Licence

After you have passed your driver medical, you will then be required to apply for provisional entitlement which is done by using the D2 form. Both the D2 and D4 application forms will need to be sent to the DVLA, along with your current drivers’ licence. Once your application has been processed, they will return your licence with the provisional D1 entitlement that you applied for.

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Theory Tests

Once you have passed your medical and received your D1 minibus provisional entitlement, you will need to pass 2 theory tests if you wish to drive a D1 vehicle privately.

The two tests that you will need to complete are the Multiple Choice and Hazard Perception tests.

If you are wanting to use your D1 licence for hire and reward, you will need to complete the driver’s CPC qualification. This includes completing the CPC Module 2 theory tests and Module 4 practical test.


Minibus Restriction 101

Which licence do I need?

There are many factors that determine which licence you need and which vehicles you can drive when it comes to operating a minibus. You may be able to drive a minibus on your normal category B car licence in the UK if:

  • You’re older than 21 or 18 if you have completed the initial driver CPC.
  • You’ve held your licence for at least 2 years.
  • You’re driving on a voluntary basis.
  • The max weight of the minibus is below 3.5-tonnes or 4.25-tonnes including special equipment for disabled passengers.
  • You’re not towing a trailer.
  • You meet medical standards if you’re over 70 years of age.
How many passengers can I carry in my minibus?

If you are driving a minibus with between 9 seats up to 16 passenger seats, you will require a D1 licence (not including driver’s seat).

If the vehicle has more than 16 passenger seats you will need a CAT D licence for a bus & coach.

Do I need Driver’s CPC to drive a minibus?

You won’t need Driver’s CPC if you aren’t driving professionally or as part of a hire & reward service.

However, if you are charging passengers specifically, for-profit then you will be required to complete Driver’s CPC training. This includes completing the CPC Module 2 theory tests and Module 4 practical test.?

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