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At 2 Start Training Worthing, we are a friendly team with a wide range of experience helping learners achieve their driving goals. All our courses are affordable and we offer finance schemes for those who can’t pay straight away. All of our vehicles are regularly updated to ensure they are the best possible quality for our clients.

What is CPC training?

The CPC qualification is the Certificate of Professional Competence. Its aim is to encourage an impeccable standard of driving and safety. Like a standard driving test, there is both theory and practical elements and the test must be repeated every 5 years to remain valid. If you are caught driving professionally without a CPC, you can receive a fine of up to £1,000, so it’s vital it’s kept up to date.

Why train with 2 start?

  • We are constantly investing in our machines to ensure we continue to provide the best vehicles for our customers.
  • We have hundreds of happy previous customers and currently have a 4.9 rating on Google.
  • It’s easy to say that we are the ‘Premier Driving School’, but the proof is in the facilities offered and the results obtained by our students.

Theory test

There are two parts of the theory test which must be completed within 2 years of each other. There is a hazard perception test which involves watching 19 video clips. You need to successfully identify 20 hazards, achieving 67% to pass. You also have one hour and 55 minutes multiple choice test, for which you must achieve 85% to pass. It does not matter in which order you do this.

There will also be an assessment of case studies. You will need to look at 7 scenarios based questions with 6-8 multiple choice questions to answer on each. Each question has been developed by industry experts to reflect situations which you may encounter on the road. The test is one hour and 55 minutes and you will need to achieve 80% to pass. This will be valid for 2 years and you must complete your Driver CPC module 4 practical demonstration in this time.


The next part of the test is the practical. You need to complete vehicle safety questions, practical road driving and off-road exercises to demonstrate your competence as a driver. It will take one hour and 30 minutes.

The last part of the assessment is designed to test your knowledge of the vehicle aside from driving. This includes safely loading the vehicle, prevention of trafficking illegal immigrants, the assessment of emergency situations and a full vehicle safety check.


Do I need CPC training?

It’s a legal requirement to complete CPC drivers training if you drive a bus, coach or lorry for the main part of your job. Any drivers who are driving vehicles over 3.5 tonnes, or with 9 passenger seats or more are legally required to do the Periodic/Driver CPC course (as well as the initial where applicable) – with 35 hours of CPC training every five years. If you simply drive for a hobby you won’t need a CPC license. Have a look at our full list of exceptions here.


After you’ve completed your training you will receive your DQC qualification (Driver Qualification Card). You must carry this with you when driving professionally as proof of your competence, otherwise, you could receive a fine of up to £1,000. This is also vital if you are driving in any other EU country for work. The government have confirmed that Brexit will have no effect on these regulations.

If your DQC is stolen or lost you need to notify the DVLA as soon as possible and apply for another one. You are still able to drive however if you haven’t received a replacement after 15 days it’s important to look into the matter further.

Which courses do we offer?

At 2 Start Training, we offer a variety of courses to suit your needs. We offer qualifications for those that need full training and also the refresher course. We also offer courses which are more suitable depending on when you passed your car test. Have a look at our full range of courses here.

Courses Available

As well as CPC training Worthing, we offer a variety of LGV Driver training. We offer financial solutions for those who want to avoid upfront costs and train straight away.

Interested in out train-now-pay-later scheme?

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