CPC training deadline is near

Driver CPC Deadline

The deadline to complete your Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) training is fast approaching. If you haven’t completed this course – or haven’t started it – you will need to sign up for a CPC training course near you today.

When is the CPC training deadline?

The CPC training deadline for drivers with acquired rights is 9th September 2019.

Do I need CPC training?

If you will be driving professionally, you will need to complete this course. If you will be driving non-professionally you will not need to take the course. There are other reasons why you may not need to take this course, for a full list of exemptions, please see https://www.gov.uk/driver-cpc-training/when-to-take-training. This must be completed in the country in which you normally live or work.

What happens if I do not complete my training by 9th September 2019?

You will not be able to drive professionally until you have passed your training. If you continue to drive professionally without this qualification, you can be fined up to £1,000. You will need to complete your training as soon as possible to avoid this. What happens on a CPC course? When you undertake a CPC training course, you will be completing 35 hours of driver training, take Module 2 theory and Module 4 practical test. This can be broken into single days of training and courses or time spent over a series of dates (usually five days in a row). If you have already completed some of these elements, you can pick and choose the appropriate elements when you are booking your session(s).

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How do I find out how many hours I have completed?

Hopefully, there will be a record of how many hours you have completed, either on your own documents or with your company. If you cannot find this, you can visit https://www.gov.uk/check-your-driver-cpc-periodic-training-hours, which will give you the number of training hours that have been completed.

Will Brexit affect my need to have qualifications?

No, you will still need to complete your 35 hours of training before the deadline or you could be facing a £1,000 fine for driving professionally without the training.

Where can I get CPC training?

At 2 Start, we have may CPC training courses designed to help you complete your 35 hours of training. You can choose from our driver training centres in Portsmouth, Reading, Southampton and Worthing, where one of our professional driving instructors will take you through the necessary training to gain your qualifications.

Get in touch to book your CPC training course today on 02392 123555 or through our CPC training courses page.

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