Paul Moon – Managing Director

Straight after leaving school Paul Moon joined the armed forces and served in the Royal Engineers and obtained his LGV 2, LGV 1, ADR and lorry mounted crane operators certificate. Whilst serving in Germany as the MT Cpl Paul also trained to become the regiments mobile crane operator.  After serving for 9 years and completing a number of tours in different countries Paul Moon decided to leave and find pastures new. With a career in transport already behind him Paul moved into driver recruitment and along with his father Ken Moon and formed KJM Solutions Ltd. With the need for drivers increasing at AFS Haulage Paul Moon transferred to AFS Workforce Ltd to run the driver recruitment section of the business. 2 Start Ltd then part of AFS Haulage was also run out of the same office with Paul Moon keeping a watchful eye on the progress of the business. However after a meeting with AFS MD Andy Seagrave, Paul Moon put in an offer to purchase 2 Start Training which was accepted on the 1st April 2010. Paul Moon then moved the business to Trafalgar house in Portchester, along with two trucks and one other instructor. Paul Moon soon saw the opportunity to push the business forward and only after one year the business had already out grown Trafalar house and moved to a new unit in the Murrills Estate in Portchester. The fleet and staffing levels have continued to grow with the success of 2 Start training, now with 22 full time staff, 17 vehicle now on the fleet and the edition of a new deport opening in Reading on the 1st June 2013. Paul Moon has no planning in stopping the 2 Start expansion as plans are already well in advance with the new deports soon to be opening in Southampton. Paul Moon and 2 start training have now become industry leaders with Paul Moon now also qualified to teach courses such as National and International CPC Road haulage and Passenger transport, ADR (hazardous goods), Forklift, HIAB and now 1 of 33 Tutors currently active in the UK. What Paul Moon doesn’t know about the Logistics Training industry, just isn’t worth knowing.