LGV 2 Acquisition Process – What you need to know

LGV 2 application process

We will arrange your LGV 2 application medical with a practitioner local to you. You will be required to take a D4 medical application form with you, which can be downloaded from here..

Along with the D4 Medical form we will send you an application for a provisional C licence, which will need to be completed and send along with your current driving licence and D4 medical form to DVLA, in the provided envelope

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Theory Tests:

Once you get to your test, you’ll need those 85/100 correct answers and 67/100 for your hazard perception. Practice makes perfect. Give us a call in the office on 02392 123555 to get your log in. Good Luck!!

Module 2:

This is theory based again and will be held at your local DSA centre where you sat your original theory test.

Theory Practice:

2 Start are offering access to the Online theory test practice software. The theory practice section gives users access to the full multi-choice theory test, as well as all hazard perception tests (with full explanations), and practice sessions for the Module 2. case studies CPC.

LGV 2 Driver Training:

Driver training can now commence and a suitable course to suit your needs will be booked. Most courses are booked Monday – Friday but can be midweek or Saturday testing if the student requires.

Duration of LGV 2 Training:

5 Days Training sessions start at 07:00, 10:30 and 14:00 with a one-to-one instructor-trainee ratio over a 3.5-hour period or a two-to-one instructor ratio over a 7 hour period. This provides the instructor with enough time each day to fully instruct drivers on different test routes and exercises required to pass your test.

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Initial CPC LGV 2 Driver Training:

Anyone who got their drivers licence after September 1997 will be required to sit their initial CPC before they can drive for hire and reward. The initial CPC consists of two parts, module 2 theory case study and module 4 practical test.

Module 4:

Module 4 consists of 3 hours training followed by a practical test at the DSA test centre in Botley. You will be required to demonstrate on the vehicle questions asked by the DSA examiner.