HGV 2 Cat C – Frequently asked Questions


Q1. Where do I get my licence applications forms from?

A. These are included in your starter pack.

Q2. At what age can I learn to drive a truck?

A.  As from 10th of September 2009, you can drive a category C1, C and C+E lorry, D1 D and D+E Bus at 18 as long as you have passed the Driver CPC.

Q3. What Category do I need to apply for on my provisional form?

A.  Category C, there is no harm in crossing all the boxes on the D2 application form. Forms are available from the 2 Start offices.

Q4. How do I know which theory tests I need?

A.  2 Start will advise you which theories you need, dependent on when you passed your car test and what you are obtaining the Cat C licence for.

Q5. How will I revise for my theory tests?

A.  You will receive a unique user name and password to a 90 day revision account (Drivingtheory4all) when purchased for £15.99 (This is included free of charge in your package)

Q6. Do i need to pass my class 2 ridged licence before i pass my class 1? 

A. Yes you will need to pass your category C before you move onto your C+E training and test. 

Q7. How long after passing my category C do i have to wait until i can take my C+E test? 

A. Almost straight away. Once you have passed you category C you will need to send your driving licence away to DVLA. They will up date your licence and add the provisional C+E entitlement automatically. As soon as your licence returns you can then book your C+E training and test. 

Q8. How long will my HGV entitlement last?

A.  You will retain HGV entitlement till you are 45 years of age however you will be required to “renew” your vocational licence every 5 years. To renew you will need to sign a declaration to confirm you are fit and healthy to drive a commercial vehicle. Once you reach 45 point you must pass a medical (and every 5 years thereafter) to confirm you are physically able to drive an HGV professionally.

Q9. Do you offer finance? 

A. Yes we have finance packages available click here to be directed to or finance page.

Q10 how do i book my course? 

A. We have a number of ways for you to book and pay for your course as follows;

  • Payment on line using debit / credit cards or PayPal
  • Payment over the phone again using debit or credit cards
  • Apply for finance by calling 02393 878282
  • If you are company we can set you up any account (subject to credit check)
  • Or come into the office to see us and we will be more than happy to help.

Q11. Do i need to pay everything up front? 

No you can pay as you go or pay a deposit to get your package started. 

Q12. What Truck will I be driving?

2 Start Training HGV 2 FAQ

2 Start Training HGV 2 FAQ