What is the price for HIAB / Lorry Mounted Crane training?
There are two types of HIAB qualifications available; ALLMI and ITSSAR. There are then three different courses available for both qualifications; novice, experienced operator and refresher. To see the prices, click here for Novice ALLMI, Experienced Operator ALLMI or  Refresher ALLMI or for Novice ITSSAR, Experienced Operator ITSSAR or Refresher ITSSAR.

What is the difference between Lorry Mounted Crane training and HIAB training?
Hiab training teaches candidates how to load and unload from the back of a vehicle that has a lorry mounted crane attached. There is no difference between the two, Hiab is a popular brand name and has become synonymous with lorry mounted cranes.

What is the difference between ALLMI and ITSSAR accreditations?
ALLMI are the most recognised organisation within the lorry loader industry. ITSSAR are widely recognised within the general haulage industry focusing on mechanical handling equipment. The main differences being costs of the courses with ITSSAR being slightly more economical then the ALLMI accredited courses. However, ALLMI is CSCS approved meaning it is able to deliver to construction sites.

What does remote HIAB mean?
Remote means you use a remote chest pack to operate the crane rather than using the controls on the side of the machine. When training on our HIAB you will be certificated for both.

What attachments will I be trained on?
The basic training course will cover the use of the hook attachment. Additional attachments are available, Brick Grab, Clam Shell (also known as a bucket) and Pallet Lifter. Training for attachments is additional to the course and can be added on at request.

What weight of crane will I be able to operate?
Using our HIAB means your certificate will be valid for cranes up to 20 tonnes/meters. Training is also available on larger machines, speak to our course advisors for more information.

What location can I do the HIAB training in?

We have depots in Portsmouth, Southampton, Reading and Worthing that can all provide HIAB training. We can also bring a HIAB vehicle to your site anywhere in Hampshire and Berkshire.