Remote HIAB

Remote HIAB

2 Start Training

2 Start Training is a Category 3 Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register (ITSSAR) accredited training centre for operator and instructor training.

Our accredited Tutors and Instructors are available to deliver training in our own approved centres or can come onto your site, using your own machine and facilities.


For already qualified and certificated operators: 1 Day (Certificates must be dated within the previous five years, and handed to the Instructor at the start of the course)

Novice operators: 2 Days

Refresher and Test: 1 Day

(Where a course is booked to include Novice/Refresher operators, the maximum number of candidates is three. If the course only comprises of certificated operators, the maximum number is six.)


To provide the theoretical and practical knowledge with practice of the correct operating procedures for a Lorry Mounted Crane operated using a remote control. The remote course is a familiarization course, and as such, is not a tested course. Candidates should be seen to be continuing to maintain their normal safe operating practices.

Elements covered:

  • Pre-use checks on a loader and carrier (Including remote operational checks)
  • Motive controls
  • Hydraulic controls
  • Banksman Signalling
  • Practical training in the use of Remote
  • Practical training in the use of any relevant attachments

Upon completion:

After completion of the Remote familiarization course, candidates will be issued with an A4 certificate of familiarization on the Remote HIAB. Candidates who completed their basic training/most recent refresher course with 2 Start will be issued a certificate which will bear the same certificate number as their previous most recent course.  All other candidates will be issued a certificate bearing a new certificate number specific to familiarization training. This certificate will provide proof to employers that candidates have gained training and practice in the safe use of a remote control system, and will allow the candidate a greater ability to operate a more broad range of Lorry Mounted Cranes with increased confidence.


On our site or on your site using your facilities and equipment.

Facilities required on your site:

A training room suitable for the number of candidates, sufficient practical training space to carry out assessments and testing and a Remote HIAB. Delegates will require PPE as per the company’s internal risk assessments.