Moffett – Lorry Mounted Forklift Truck

moffett 2

Drivers who hold an LGV licence can expand their skills by acquiring a Vehicle Mounted Forklift Certificate, commonly known as a Moffett Mounty.

This qualification enables drivers to carry a forklift attached to the rear of their truck which enables them to load and unload themselves.

If you already hold a forklift certificate, a conversion course is 2 days to gain the additional knowledge and skills.

Course Aim

On completion of training, the course members will:

  • Be able to operate the truck model used in training safely and correctly in accordance with the manufacturers handbook and accepted good practice.
  • Be able to attach the truck to a carrying vehicle and detach it form a carrying vehicle safely and correctly in accordance with the manufacturers handbook and instructions and the relevant road traffic legislation.
  • Clearly understand the causes of instability of the truck and loads
  • Be able to carry a routine pre-use inspection of the truck

Course Contents

  •  Introduction to the truck to be used
  • Controls and instruments
  • Starting, moving & stopping the truck
  • Steering the truck
  • Operation of the hydraulic controls
  • Pre-use inspection and takeover maintenance
  • Weight assessment
  • Handling pallets/containers/bulk packs/loads associated with the industry in which the truck is operating
  • Driving on/off ramps and inclines
  • Driving and operating over rough terrain
  • Road vehicle loading and unloading
  • Stacking and de-stacking
  • Attaching truck to and detaching truck from the carrying vehicle

Certification and Validation

Candidates successfully completing this course will receive a certificate of training accredited by ITSSAR