C1 Driver Training – 7.5 Tonne, and 7.5 Tonne + Trailer, Horsebox


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90 Days Log-in to Driving Theory 4 All.
 Everything you need to pass your driving / riding theory.
  • PCV Theory (Cat D1, D1+E, D, D+E)
    • Multiple Choice Questions, Hazard Perception and Driver CPC
  • LGV Theory (Cat C1, C1+E, C, C+E)
    • Multiple Choice Questions and Hazard Perception
  • LGV Driver CPC Module 2 Learning Material and Practice Case Studies


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C1 Ambulance Driver Training

Cat C1 – Paramedic or Horse Box





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2 Start Training

Cat C1 Course – 7.5 Tonne for Hire & Reward





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2 Start Training

Cat C1+E Course





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As from the 1st January 1997 the category C1 (3.5 tons – 7.5 tons) is no longer an automatic upgrade on a car licence as it was prior to this date.

From this date, anyone wanting to drive vehicles over 3.5 tons have to take a C1 test

Application process:


Students require the Provisional L.G.V. entitlement adding to their current Car drivers licence before they can undertake a course of lessons.


It is necessary for candidates wishing to attain a Category C1 Licence to first attain a medical. This can be arranged for you with the 2 Start team.

Licence application: 

The relevant application forms (D2) Application for a L.G.V. or P.C.V. Driving Licence PLUS (D4) Medical Report and both parts of your licence will then need to be sent to DVLA to attain your provisional entitlement.

Theory Tests: 

The Theory Test consists of 100 multiple choice questions and you will be required to correctly answer 85. The Hazard Perception element contains 19 clips (20 hazards) of which you are required to attain 67 out of a possible 100 marks.

Theory Test Practice:

2 Start have a multiple choice theory and hazard perception practice page on our website. When booking your theories or a package though us you will receive a FREE 90 day access onto this site. CLICK THIS LINK TO FIND OUT MORE.


4 days Training sessions start at 07:00, 10:30 and 14:00 with a one-to-one instructor-trainee ratio over a 3.5-hour period. This provides the instructor with enough time each day to fully instruct drivers on different test routes and exercises required to pass your test. Your practical driving test will be booked for you on day 4.

Initial CPC LGV 2 Training (not required for horse boxes and ambulance drivers) 

Anyone who got their drivers licence after September 1997 will be required to sit their initial CPC before they can drive for hire and reward. The initial CPC consists of two parts, module 2 theory case study and module 4 practical test.

Module 2

This is theory based again and will be held at your local DSA centre where you sat your original theory test.

Module 4

Module 4 consists of 3 hours training followed by a practical test at the DSA test centre in Botley. You will be required to demonstrate on the vehicle questions asked by the DSA examiner.

LGV 2 Training (Cat C) is available to businesses and individuals across Hampshire, Berkshire, Surry, West Sussex and Isle of Wight.

Areas include Portsmouth, Southampton, Romsey, Basingstoke, Winchester, Salisbury, Bournemouth, Worthing, Guildford, Petersfield, Andover, Reading, Aldermaston, Slough and Basingstoke.

LGV 2 Training Courses available every week in Portsmouth and Reading.


(7.5 ton with a trailer) Students wishing to progress to Category C1+E will be required to send their Category C1 Pass Certificate together with their current U.K. Drivers Licence, to the D.V.L.A., Swansea to have the FULL Category C1 and provisional Category C1+E Licence entitlement added before they can book an Category C1+E Course and Driving.

No additional medicals or theory tests are required. Duration of training will then depend on the experience of towing.We offer experienced instruction using our own vehicle or you may supply your own providing it fulfills current DSA test standard criteria.

Q. Did you know if your pass your LGV 2 driving test you automatically get you 7.5 ton licence?