Why train with 2Start?

  • Dedicated on-sight reversing facilities.
  • Fully qualified C1 driving instructors.
  • Industry-leading training vehicles.
  • A4 certificate of attendance.

Cat C1 Session only

From: £220.00

Our C1 Session Only training can be tailored to your needs and can include:

  • One 3.5 hour training session
  • Opportunity to practice the reversing manoeuvre  at one of our dedicated sites.
  • On the road training, where you will experience different types of road training.
  • Issued an A4 certificate of attendance.

Additional Information


The first stage of the C1 licence acquisition is to complete a drivers medical. This is a higher standard medical than that required to drive a car. This can be arranged locally for you by the 2 Start team. We will issue you with a D4 medical application form for the doctor to complete at the appointment.


Once the medical is completed you will need to fill in a (D2)  licence application form. This will ask you for the provisional entitlement you are applying for, e.g C1 (7.5 ton licence) or C (ridged lorry licence). Additional medical questions also need to be answered and the form signed at the bottom, please note no picture is required if the licence you currently hold is in date and is the photo type card. You will then need to send the D2 and D4 application forms, as well as your current drivers licence, to the DVLA. They will then return your licence with the provisional entitlement that you have applied for on it.

Theory Tests

You will be required to do 3 theory tests:

Multi choice – The 100 multiple-choice questions are still part of the new test. These questions cover all the basics of safe and proficient driving of large, commercial vehicles. You must get 85 of the questions correct in order to pass this portion.

Hazard Perception – Learners will watch nineteen one minute long hazard perception test video clips. Hazard perception clips are computer generated imagery (CGI) and filmed from the perspective of a passenger in the vehicle. Learners have to indicate, by clicking a mouse, when they observe a developing hazard. All of the hazard perception clips will include one developing hazard, and one clip will include 2 hazards. The sooner the student reacts to a developing hazard, the more points are scored. Points are from five down to one, with no score if the candidate reacts too late. The test pass mark is 67/100 and the test contains 19 CGI clips.

MOD 2 CPC – The case study test lasts 75 minutes and covers seven case studies, with 50 questions altogether. You’ll need to score at least 40 out of 50 to pass the test. Before you start the test, you can have a practice session of up to 15 minutes.

Theory Test Practice

2 Start have a multiple choice theory, hazard perception and initial CPC practice page on our website. When booking your theories or a package through us you will receive 90 days access onto this site for FREE.


C1 Session Only training is available to be completed at all of our training depots which includes centres in Portsmouth, Southampton, Reading and Worthing, giving us good coverage of the Hampshire, Berkshire and Sussex regions.

C1 Licence Driver Training, Paramedic 7.5 Ton Duration

C1 Session Only driver training is conducted in one of our new Iveco Daily 5.2ton vans, that meet all the vehicle test requirements. Training course starts at either 07:00, 10:30 and 14:00 over a 3.5-hour period. This provides the instructor with enough time each day to fully instruct drivers on different test routes and manoeuvres required to pass your test.

Module 4: Driver CPC demonstration test

In this test you’ll need to show that you can keep your vehicle safe and secure. You’ll be asked about;

  • Safe use of your vehicle and checks to make before driving
  • Loading your vehicle safely and securely
  • Checking for risks from criminal acts and trafficking
  • Assessing emergencies and risks.

The test lasts 30 minutes. You’ll need to score at least 80 out of 100 points, with at least 15 out of 20 for each topic area.


Our C1 Session only training is taught by highly experienced and qualified C1 driver training instructors, all of whom are dedicated and focused on ensuring you have the correct skills and knowledge that you need to safely operate a C1 category vehicle and pass your test.

Course Reviews

Its a great place to start you journey as a professional driver.. I passed my C1 some time ago, recently C category and now awaitng for C+E training and hopefully I will pass it first attempt as previous ones.. thank you ?


I'm a student paramedic needing a C1 licence to drive an ambulance, I chose 2 Start Training for my lessons and test and don't regret a thing. Excellent team and supportive lessons which led to me passing my test first time with only a couple of minors. 5/5 would recommend.


4 years ago. I passed my C1 with 2 Start. I had Robin as my instructor. He was very clear in his instruction and encouragement to help me achieve my pass certificate. Recently, I returned to 2 Start to obtain my C+E entitlement. I booked the training with Jack who was gracious enough to provide Robin as my instructor once again. Between Jack and Robin, They both made my training experience easy to apply myself to. So if you're looking for the Number 1 training provider, Look no further. Everyone on the 2 Start team are very friendly, professional and helpful. 10/10.


Why train with 2Start?

  • Dedicated on-sight reversing facilities.
  • Fully qualified C1 driving instructors.
  • Industry-leading training vehicles.
  • A4 certificate of attendance.