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We offer comprehensive forklift courses to suit your needs. Training to drive a counterbalance forklift truck is relatively straightforward and the most common type of truck. It can be used both indoors and outside. It allows the user to manoeuvre to the exact position of the load you’re trying to move because the forks extend from the front. Training for this machinery is vital because if it is overloaded then the forklift can tip over, causing potential damage to person and property.

Training to drive this forklift is relatively simple, so we’ll have you ready to take your test in no time. All of our forklift courses range from novice and experienced operators to refresher courses. A novice course will take five days, an experienced operators’ course is three days and a refresher and test will take one day. Once you’ve completed the course you will be awarded with your operating card and certificate. The Trained Operator Passport Scheme (TOPS) will be updated to show your new training.

The forklift training is simply a course and doesn’t actually provide you with a licence. This is why you don’t already need a driving license to complete the training. It’s a legal requirement to do this training before operating a counterbalance forklift truck and you must be over 18 to do so.

We can offer this course at all of our centres which includes depots in Portsmouth, Reading, Southampton and our new forklift training centre Worthing.

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