Minibus D1 & Minibus and Trailer D1+E Training Courses

Interested in driving a minibus for commercial purposes, or to transport passengers for work or payment, then you will need to have a D1 category on your driving licence. Our Minibus D1 training provides comprehensive driver training that will provide you with the experience and confidence needed to pass your test.
Minibus drivers looking to tow a trailer while driving a minibus will require a D1+E category on their driving licence to do so. Our Minibus & Trailer training provides the ideal training facilities to allow you to obtain both the practical knowledge that will give you the experience and confidence for your D1+E test. If you have the D1+E through grandfather rights, you will need to take a practical test to remove the restriction.

Create your own D1 package!

Can’t find what you’re looking for? We are now giving you the opportunity to create your own D1 package! This will allow you to add the requirements that you need to your course which includes elements such as adding Driver’s CPC and Pass Protection.

Minibus D1 and D1+E Driver Training

We have a wide variety of Minibus D1 & Minibus and Trailer D1+E Training courses available for you to choose from, all of which will give you the skills and knowledge that you need to pass your practical driving test. All you need to know about how to obtain your Minibus (D1) Licence or your Minibus & Trailer (D1+E) Licence.

What vehicle can I drive with a D1 category added to my licence?

By obtaining a D1 category on your licence you will be able to drive a minibus.  The DVSA define this as vehicles with:

  • no more than 16 passenger seats
  • a maximum length of 8 metres
  • a trailer up to 750kg

Once you have applied for a provisional licence, completed a medical, sat your theory tests and completed your practical driver training and test, you will be legally able to drive a minibus.


What vehicle can I drive with a D1+E category added to my licence?

First you will need to obtain the D1 category on your licence.  Once you have this you can then apply for the D1+E licence meaning you can drive D1 category vehicles with a trailer over 750kg MAM (maximum authorised mass). The combined MAM of both can’t exceed 12,000kg.


I am a teacher and I need to drive a minibus?

If you are a teacher in the private sector at a non-charitable school, you will need a full D1 minibus licence.

If you are a teacher in the state sector and drive under the CBPS, the area can be very complex and grey.

If you drive during school hours it can be considered as for payment. This needs a full D1 licence.

If you drive out of school hours it may not, however you are still teaching/supervising/have care and control therefore acting as a teacher you may fall back to the previous ‘during school hours’. Claiming the concession will certainly bring you to the notice of the authorities, especially if an accident arose causing damage or injury with the obvious risk of prosecution.

Also please check with your insurance company regarding the use of non – full ‘D1? licence holders to see if cover will still be in force.

Once you have obtained your D1 licence, you are then able to upgrade it to a D1+E, enabling you to pull a trailer.

D1 Removal of Restriction

If you passed your category B car licence before 1st January 1997 you would benefit from acquired rights (also known as grandfather rights).  This means that you will already have the D1 entitlement added to your licence.  However, there is a restriction to this, called a 101 placed on the licence which means that you are not able to drive a D1 vehicle (minibus) for hire and reward (meaning for profit).  You can drive a minibus of up to 17 seats for private use but if you wish to drive a minibus for hire and reward, meaning you will be paid to drive the vehicle you will need to sit and pass the D1 minibus tests.

If you passed your car (B+E) test after January 1997 you will need to take the relevant tests to obtain the category D1 on your licence.

How do I obtain my D1 or D1+E licence

If you passed your category B licence after January 1997 you would need to follow the steps below to obtain your category D1 licence:

  • Apply for the provisional entitlement using form D2, we can supply this to you or you can get one online from the DVSA here: Order DVLA forms – GOV.UK (
  • Apply for and attend a medical using the form D4, again we can help you to book this part of the process and help you with the forms.
  • Attend and pass the theory tests required.  There are 2 if you wish to drive a D1 vehicle privately.  If you want to drive a D1 vehicle (minibus) for hire and reward you will need to complete the third theory test which is the CPC Module 2 case study theory test.
  • Once you have passed your theory you are ready for your practical driver training. You will be taught by one of our highly skilled instructors.  You will learn how to drive the vehicle safely on the road and practice the manoeuvres required to pass the D1 DVSA practical test.
  • When you are ready you will then sit your DVSA practical driving test.
  • If you pass your D1 practical test and you wish you drive a minibus for hire and reward then you will need to take a further practical test which is the Module 4 CPC. This is a show me tell me practical where you are required to demonstrate your knowledge and ability on areas such as vehicle safety, securing loads and your ability to manage emergency situations.

Price Match Promise

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