7.5 Tonne C1 & 7.5 Tonne and Trailer C1+E Training Courses

Vehicles between 3.5 - 7.5 tonne require a C1 category driving licence at a minimum. If you are looking to drive a C1 category of vehicle, then our range of 7.5 tonne C1 courses are perfect for you and will get you prepared for your practical test.
Driving an ambulance typically requires a category C1 licence as they fall into the 7.5 tonne vehicle category. If you’re training to be a paramedic or looking to join the ambulance service this paramedic & ambulance package is ideal for you.
Driving a 7.5 Tonne vehicle with a trailer requires the C1+E category on your licence, our experienced instructors provide exceptional training that provides you with the confidence and knowledge for your test. If you have the C1+E through grandfather rights, you will need to take a practical test to remove the restriction.
Transporting your horses to any location or event would typically require a horsebox truck our C1 driver training course will provide the confidence and experience for your test. Our Horsebox driver training is ideal for horse owners and anyone already working in the equestrian industry.

Create your own C1 package!

Can’t find what you’re looking for? We are now giving you the opportunity to create your own C1 package! This will allow you to add the requirements that you need to your course which includes elements such as adding Driver’s CPC and Pass Protection.

C1 & C1+E Driver Training

What is the C1 licence

Having a C1 driving licence allows people to drive vehicles that have a MAM between 3,500kgs up to 7,500kgs. Those who have achieved a C1 entitlement on their licence will be able to drive vehicles up to 7.5-tonnes with a trailer up to 750kgs.

What is the C1+E Licence

Those who wish to drive a C1 category vehicle with a trailer over 750kgs will be required to complete their C1+E licence. A C1+E licence will enable drivers to operate C1 category vehicles with a trailer over 750kgs. However, the combined MAM of the vehicle and trailer cannot be over 12-tonnes.

How to obtain a C1 licence

In order to obtain your 7.5 ton licence, you will need to complete one of our C1 courses which will then allow you to drive category C1 vehicle. If the course is successfully passed, you will have your C1 licence.

In order to be eligible to complete one of our C1 courses, you will need to be over 18 years old and already hold a category B (car) licence.

If you passed your category B licence after January 1997 you would need to follow the steps below to obtain your category C1 licence:

  • Apply for the provisional entitlement using form D2, we can supply this to you or you can get one online from the DVSA here: Order DVLA forms – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)
  • Apply for and attend a medical using the form D4, again we can help you to book this part of the process and help you with the forms.
  • Attend and pass the theory tests required.  There are 2 if you wish to drive a C1 vehicle privately such as a horsebox or ambulance.  If you want to drive a C1 vehicle for hire and reward you will need to complete the third theory test which is the CPC Module 2 case study theory test.
  • Once you have passed your theory you are ready for your practical driver training. You will be taught by one of our highly skilled instructors.  You will learn how to drive the vehicle safely on the road and practice the manoeuvres required to pass the C1 DVSA practical test.
  • If you pass your C1 practical test and you wish you drive the vehicle for hire and reward then you will need to take a further practical test which is the Module 4 CPC. This is a show me tell me practical where you are required to demonstrate your knowledge and ability on areas such as vehicle safety, securing loads and your ability to manage emergency situations.
Ambulance Driver Training

In order to become an ambulance driver, you will need to acquire your 7.5 ton licence which will allow you to legally drive an ambulance in the UK.

Ambulance driver training can be completed in 4 parts: Attend & pass an LGV medical assessment, apply to the DVSA for provisional entitlements to be added to your licence, complete your theory tests which includes both a Multiple Choice & Hazard Perception tests and finally, you will need to complete your practical driver training to show you can safely operate a C1 category vehicle on the road.

Click here for more information on how to become an ambulance driver

Horsebox Training

The licence and type of training that you complete will depend on the size of the horsebox/vehicle that you are wishing to drive.

If the horsebox you want to drive has a weight lower than 3.5-tonnes, you only need a standard category B (car) licence. However, any vehicle between 3.5-tonne & 7.5-tonne will require a category C1 licence. If the horsebox you want to operate is over 7.5-tonne, you will need to obtain a CAT C (LGV 2) licence.

Additionally, you may wish to tow a horsebox trailer, which again can vary the type of licence you need to gain. To drive a vehicle and tow a horsebox, you will need to complete your B+E licence.

If you’re planning on driving a vehicle over 7.5-tonne with a trailer over 750kgs, you will need a C1+E licence. Any combination of a vehicle and horsebox trailer that has a combined MAM of both exceeding 12-tonne, you will need to get a C+E licence.

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CPC Requirements

If you are planning on driving a C1 vehicle commercially, you will have to complete driver CPC modules 2 and 4. However, if you are operating an ambulance or horsebox, you will not be required to complete these CPC modules unless you plan to drive a C1 vehicle for hire and reward, meaning for a profit.

Course Locations

Our 7.5 Tonne C1 & 7.5 Tonne and Trailer C1+E Training courses are available to complete at all of our training centres, which includes locations in Portsmouth, Southampton, Reading and Worthing.


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We’re confident that our 7.5 Tonne C1 & 7.5 Tonne and Trailer C1+E Training prices are competitive. But in the unlikely event that you receive a lower quotation from another company for the same training, we will match it. What’s more, you can be sure we won’t be compromising on training content or quality.

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