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ADR Initial Training

What is ADR training?

ADR training is a highly specific field. That requires specialist training. Here at 2 Start Training, we offer both Initial and Refresher ADR training which allows us to cater our courses to our customers individual needs.

ADR training is designed to ensure that dangerous goods (which includes clinical and other dangerous waste) being carried by roads can pass international borders freely, as long as goods, vehicles and driver comply with its provisions.

Why Do I need ADR training?

Those who are dealing with the transportation of dangerous substances will need ADR training to teach them all the correct skills and procedures that they may need to use when transporting dangerous goods by road.

This could include learning how to deal with situations such as diesel spills.

How long will my ADR licence be valid for?

The ADR licence is valid for up to 5 years, drivers are required to complete an ADR refresher training course before the expiration of their licence. You will need to complete an ADR refresher course every 5 years to stay compliant and up-to-date.

How long is the duration of my ADR training?

The length of your ADR training will completely depend on what requirements you have of your course and your current level of ADR training.

Our initial ADR training courses vary in duration that range from 1-day to 7-days in length.

Where can I complete my ADR training?

Our Initial ADR training courses are available to be completed at all four of our training centres which includes depots in Portsmouth, Southampton, Reading and Worthing, which gives us good coverage of the Hampshire, Berkshire and West Sussex regions.

We also offer online ADR training which is available to complete from the comfort of your own home!?

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