ADR Training Courses

Our multiple ADR training courses offer our students the ability to book their ADR training that will be most suited to their requirements. We offer Core & Packages, Core, Packages & Tanks and then our ADR all classes package which covers classes 1 through to 9. If you are unsure which is best for you, our team are always available to call for advice. All of our ADR courses are delivered by one of our highly experienced ADR instructors at one of our 4 training centres across the South Coast.
Our ADR individual classes provide our students with the flexibility to choose the classes that they require. With 5 courses to choose from, we have your ADR requirements covered. All of our ADR courses are delivered by one of our highly experienced ADR instructors at one of our 4 training centres across the South Coast.
We offer our students the ability to create a package that best suits them and their requirements. Our build your own ADR package provides everything each of our ADR individual or ADR multiple class courses have to offer except this way you get to add or remove certain elements to make it truly bespoke to your requirements.
Our Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) course covers the required regulations that must be understood and complied with by consignors, carriers, drivers, and all other staff who are involved in the road transport of dangerous goods. The training required for a DGSA is detailed in chapter 1.8 of ADR. The course is intensive; it involves 5 days of classroom study. During the week, overnight exercises to reinforce and confirm the Regulations are understood.

ADR training and moving dangerous goods by road is governed by international regulations and is strictly policed. Most European countries are signed up to the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR). Each country that complies with ADR implements specific safety measures through its own national legislation.

The purpose of ADR is to ensure that dangerous goods (including clinical and other dangerous waste) being carried by road can cross international borders freely, as long as goods, vehicles and drivers comply with its provisions. ADR has been in force since 1968 and is administered by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). It’s updated every 2 years to take account of technological advances.

Driver ADR training certificates required under ADR

Under the European Agreement on ADR, drivers of vehicles with tanks and certain tank components, and some drivers of vehicles carrying dangerous goods in packages, must hold a special vocational certificate, sometimes referred to informally as an ‘ADR Certificate’.

All drivers of vehicles carrying dangerous goods must attend an approved basic ADR training course. These courses equip drivers with information and tools so that they:

  • are aware of the hazards in the carriage of dangerous goods
  • can take steps to reduce the likelihood of an incident taking place
  • can take all necessary measures for their own safety and that of the public and the environment to limit the effects of any incident that does occur
  • have individual practical experience of the actions they will need to take
What classes are covered in the ADR training courses?

Class 1 – Explosives

Class 2 – Gases

Class 3 – Flammable Liquids

Class 4 – Flammable solids

Class 5 – Oxidizing agents

Class 6 – Toxics

Class 7 – Radioactive

Class 8 – Corrosive substances

Class 9 – Miscellaneous dangerous substances and articles

We offer the following types of ADR Training:

ADR Classes 2,3,4,5,6,8,9 in Core Packages & Tanks

Class 1 Explosives

Class 7 Radioactive

ADR training is available at all our branches. For more about our ADR Training courses contact the office on 02392 123555.

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