Clint shines in first ADR report

Clint Shines In First ADR Report

A big well done to Clinton Steggles, who impressed on his first ADR report by SQA, receiving a Grade 1.

Clint received some outstanding comments from the assessor, who commented that Clint created a “calm, relaxed relationship with the candidates who obviously felt comfortable enough to ask a deluge of questions throughout the day”.

These comments were followed with more positives as Clint created an engaging course using “varied styles of teaching” as well as “a variety of teaching aids to very good effect”.

Overall, the course was described as “An enjoyable day’s training” carried out by a “relaxed, confident instructor”.

Here at 2 Start Training, we are dedicated to ensuring our training surpasses the highest standards available and that our students receive the best experience possible.

The comments received from this report show that having great instructors like Clint allows us to meet our objectives and helps our students get the most from their courses.

Well done, Clint!

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