What is B+E Training?

Our B+E courses will provide students with the knowledge, skills and ability that they need to confidently and securely drive a car & trailer on the road. Our Familiarisation training takes 3.5 hours to complete and is ideal for those candidates who have previous experience in driving a B+E vehicle on the road and want to brush up on their towing skills.

We also have 7-hour and 10.5-hour courses available for those students who have less experience and confidence in driving a B+E category vehicle.

All of our B+E training courses are taught by highly experienced and professional instructors, all of whom are dedicated to ensuring you are able to safely and securely operate a B+E category vehicle.

Car & Trailer Training

What is a B+E licence?

A B+E licence gives you the entitlement to drive any vehicle with a MAM (Maximum Authorised Mass) of 3,500kgs with a trailer. There is a ‘valid from’ date on the back of your drivers’ licence, which will limit what size trailer you can tow:

Licences issued before 1st January 1997

If you passed your car driving test before 1st January 1997, you will not be affected by any new changes. You will be able to drive a vehicle & trailer combo of up to 8,250kgs (MAM). Also, you will be able to drive a minibus with a trailer of over 750kgs (MAM).

Licences issued from 1st January 1997 to 18th January 2013

If you passed your car driving test from 1/1/97 to 18/1/13, you can currently drive either:

  • A car or van with a MAM up to 3,500kgs with a trailer up to 750kgs (MAM) which can be 4,250kgs in total.
  • A trailer over 750kgs (MAM), if it is no more than the unladen weight of the towing vehicle, which can be up to 3,500kgs in total.

If you wish to tow anything heavier, you will need to have passed a B+E test.

Licences issued from 19th January 2013

If you passed your car driving test from 19/1/13, you can drive either:

  • A car or van up to 3,500kghs (MAM) towing a trailer up to 750kgs (MAM), which can be up to 4,250kgs in total.
  • A trailer over 750kgs (MAM) if the combined MAM of the towing vehicle & trailer is no more than 3,500kgs.

Additionally, if you want to tow anything bigger, you will have needed to pass a B+E test.

All employers have a duty of care to ensure their staff are safely towing on the road and trained on all vehicles that they use for insurance purposes.

If there was to be an accident, training records could be requested from insurance companies, police or traffic enforcement officers. 2 Start Training will be issuing certificates of attendance for those who complete their B+E training for their personnel files.


Additional B+E Information

Course Duration

Our B+E Familiarisation course takes 3.5 hours to complete and will cover practical driving, the B+E reversing exercise and coupling & re-coupling manoeuvre. Additionally, we have 7-hour and 10.5-hour courses available.

How much does B+E training cost?

The cost of your B+E training will vary depending on your current experience and confidence level. The cost of our B+E training ranges from £192.50 to £575.00.

Do I need Drivers CPC?

If you are driving a vehicle that is over 3,500kgs as part of a job or for clear financial gain, you will need to complete 35-hours of CPC training every 5 years. However, if you are driving as part of a hobby, you will not need to complete CPC training.

We have both online and classroom CPC courses available with 7-hour and 35-hour options on offer. Additionally, we have an extensive range of training modules to choose from!


Automatic and air-conditioned training vehicles.
On-site reversing facilities.
Highly qualified and experienced instructors.

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