What is C1 Driver Training?

C1 Driver Training will allow anyone who already holds a category B (car) licence to drive vehicles from 3, 500kgs/3.5-tonnes up to 7, 500kgs/7.5-tonnes with a trailer up to 750kgs. Completing C1 driver training will allow you to drive vehicles such as ambulances and some horseboxes.

If you are wanting to drive vehicles that fall into these categories, you will need to complete C1 driver training and gain your C1 licence.

What is C1 dirver training

How do I gain my C1 licence?

In order to complete one of our C1 courses, you need to:

  • To have a full category B licence (car)
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Complete CPC training if you’re driving as part of a job or for financial gain

The first step to completing your C1 training is to complete a driver medical, which is a higher standard medical required to drive a car. Your C1 medical can be booked for you by the team at 2 Start locally and conveniently for you. Once you have passed your medical, you will be required to gain your provisional C1 licence and then complete your theory tests. There are 3 theory tests that need to be completed which are:

  • Multiple-Choice test
  • Hazard Perception test
  • MOD 2 CPC (if required)

Once you have passed all of your theory tests, it will then be time for you to complete your selected C1 driver training course. After your training has been completed and you are confident with your C1 driving ability, it will then be time to take your DVSA driving test! Additionally, you will need to complete the Module 4 CPC demonstration test if you are driving as part of a job or for financial gain.

C1 Driver Training Info

How to start C1 training?

In order to begin your C1 training, all you need to do is select which one of our C1 training courses you would like to complete, choose an available training date that suits you and book your course online! Our booking system will allow you to easily book your course and begin your training!

Furthermore, you can call our friendly team on 02392 123555 or email us at daisy@2start-training.com.

How long does C1 training take to complete?

The length of your C1 driver training course will depend upon which of our courses you opt to complete. We have a variety of C1 training courses that cater for a range of different needs, requirements and confidence levels!

Our courses take between 3.5 hours and 24.5 hours to complete.

How much does C1 training cost?

Similarly, to the length of your training course, the price will also vary depending on which one of our training courses you decide to complete and your current level of C1 driving ability.

The costs of our C1 courses range between £192.50 to £2,500.

Do I need Driver’s CPC training?

Driver’s CPC training will be required by anyone who is driving a vehicle over 3,500kgs as the main part of their job or for hire & reward services. If you are driving as part of a hobby, then you won’t need to complete any CPC training.

We have a variety of Driver’s CPC courses for you to choose from with both classroom and online training options available, as well as 7-hour & 35-hour options.


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