Another Successful IPAF Audit for 2 Start Training

IPAF Operator Training Southampton
2 Start Training are an IPAF accredited training centre, which means every now and then we are audited to ensure that our equipment, course content and instructors are compliant and delivering training safely and to the highest standard. IPAF delivers training to an Internationally accepted standard (ISO18878) and so the centre and training must be delivered thoroughly and correctly.

We are required to undergo both annual training centre audits, as well as occasional unannounced audits on our courses. We have recently had both an unannounced visit and the annual training centre audit.

The auditor had the following comments during the unannounced audit;

“I really enjoyed observing Joe’s training course and feel that he has excellent instructional techniques. From the offset he built up a rapport with the candidates and seemed to put them at ease with how the day would roll out.

The condition of both the training room and the practical areas are excellent and the whole day was conducted in a very professional manner.”

Joe Vickers and Rob Foster, 2 Start’s highly qualified IPAF instructors are responsible for ensuring IPAF training is always at a consistently high standard.

The assessor on these occasions was pleased with the training provided and was equally satisfied that the equipment, course content and instructor was of the highest calibre.

We work closely with our auditors and governing bodies to ensure that we are always providing the highest-quality training to our students.

Great work Joe & Rob!

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