Another Excellent JAUPT Audit

The Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training (JAUPT)

The Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training (JAUPT) is a not-for-profit company, established in 2007 to enable the Competent Authorities (DVSA in Great Britain) to manage the application process and quality assurance programme of centres and courses for the periodic training element of ‘The Vehicle Drivers, Certificates of Professional Competence (CPC), Regulations 2007.

Previously an independent entity, JAUPT joined the DVSA in October 2022, which is now a government managed entity. This emphasises the value of the accreditation, as well as elevating its importance, which ensures additional certainty for students. This also reiterates the notion that the accreditations CPC audits are at the same high level of standards the DVSA demand.

Here at 2 Start Ltd, we have worked hard to ensure that our students receive the highest standard of training, which is why we take pride in any trainer who has been deemed competent when giving training.

Joe Vickers, our Educational & Development Director, received his audit report, to which he was given exceptional comments from the auditor regarding his CPC training.

The auditor explained that Joe conducted “A well-constructed and relevant training course, fitting the needs of the trainees attending, the course was delivered by an experienced and confident trainer who demonstrated commitment to and knowledge of the subject.”

Also mentioned from the auditor, Joe “…regularly engaged the trainees in discussions, questions and answer sessions, creating an interactive training course with evidence of learning taking place.”

Joe led the course with adequate resources, preparation, and delivered the modules at the set standards, ensuring that all learning outcomes were met throughout the duration of the course.

Joe Vickers

2 Start continually invests in all training centres, equipment, and staff, reiterating 2 Start’s high standard of training, thus meeting the high standards required.

2 Start has several Driver CPC training courses available to book online now, including both online and classroom options.

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Well done, Joe, another amazing result for 2 Start!

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