When choosing your training company, it’s important to have a look at what you’re going to be training in. A beaten up old truck that has driven half way around the world is not going to make your life any easier. It has almost become a standard that training companies would use old vehicles for driver training, some vehicles 10 years and older.

This could make the vehicle unreliable uncomfortable and difficult to drive. Little things like air conditioning should not be over looked, driver comfort and fatigue play a vital role when a driver is maintaining a high concentration level for long periods of time.

This is where 2 Start Training have excelled in being able to provide customers with new up to date equipment, making training more enjoyable and comfortable. We have now been trading since November 2008, in which time we have invested heavily in our equipment to ensure we offer you the best tools for the job.

Our new training vehicles consist of new DAF LF rigid vehicles and DAF CF tractor units. Our aim at 2 Start is to have vehicles which are no older than 4 years old and we are constantly investing in our fleet to ensure we continue to provide the best facilities for our customers.

Approved DVSA Testing Centre

2 Start now have our very own DVSA customer test site available to all of our Hampshire customers. This gives our students a major advantage as they can use the facility throughout their course.

Hasn’t everyone got a simulator site?

Unfortunately not. To have a site big enough is rare in our area, as hard standing land is at a premium. Some training centres have been reported to train in unsuitable locations such as muddy fields and truck services as they don’t have access to an exclusive training area. This sort of standard is not acceptable and is unfair on the paying customer.

Can students practice on the approved reversing area?

With this new facility students will be able to practice their reversing on the actual area where they will be testing. On the day of the test, students are able to practice the manoeuvre and then begin the test; a major advantage as no other training providers in the area offer these facilities.

What does this mean to our Hampshire customers?

When completing your driving test, you will now be able to complete the practical element at our DVSA Customer test site with the DVSA examiners coming to us. The DVSA are looking to close a number of testing facilities and have requested training providers to supply test center facilities. 2 Start Training have now taken the initiative to provide an alternative testing facility. Managing Director Paul Moon quoted “We have spent a lot of time and money on what is now an excellent facility for all of our students, we hope this will help secure practical testing in the Hampshire area for years to come.” 2 Start Training are also looking at the possibilities of adding another DVSA customer test site at our Reading depot.

Will the testing be the same?

Yes, the practical test will be the same with the reversing exercise, road drive and coupling and uncoupling procedure where required.

Introduction of Automatic Gear Boxes

2 Start pride themselves in boasting a brand new fleet, and as a result, all of our LGV vehicles are automatic, making life easier for the students and having a positive impact on pass rates where it has been greatly increased.  The change to automatic gearboxes has been a great success and providing that a car licence was obtained in a manual vehicle, passing your test in an automatic LGV vehicle will entitle you to both a manual and automatic licence for that category.

These vehicles are a real asset to 2 Start Training and to all the students that train in them. They also have the following features:

Hill start assist
Dual mate front seat with velour upholstery
Translucent external sun visor
Day time running lights
Air conditioning
Truck phone hands free kit
Driver performance assistant (DPA)

Fully Qualified on the National Register of LGV Instructors

You would expect that only trained, professional, government approved instructors with years of driving experience would be able to become LGV and PCV driving instructors (car instructors have to be ADI qualified). However, you would be wrong.  Anyone that has held a truck or bus driving licence for three years or more can teach new LGV or PCV drivers. In fact, a large number of LGV instructors are not entered on to the National Register of LGV Instructors. Indeed, you may pass your driving test in a lorry, wait three years, never drive a truck and then set up your very own truck driver training school. Therefore it is important to be aware that not every driving school will provide an experienced and competent instructor.

2 Start believe that effective teaching can only be obtained if the correct training and qualifications are obtained.  We are proud to share that the majority of our instructors have begun the process of or have completed the qualification and are entered on to the National Register of LGV Instructors.  This means that they have completed an intense course which assesses their ability to instruct in all relevant areas of LGV training.  Through this process they have to complete:

  1. A theory test concerning instructional techniques, legislation, The Highway Code and Safe driving and testing.
  2. Demonstrate an excellent level of practical driving ability.
  3. Complete in cab training involving the teaching of a new skill, remedial training for someone who has skill fade and a demonstration drive and commentary post-test failure.
  4. Classroom training for subject such as the Highway Code.

How can I be sure my instructor is qualified?

You can check on the NRI website and also check to see if the company you are training with are registered with the NRI. Alternatively ask to see your instructor’s ID card. They look like this:

Why don’t all training providers have National Register qualified instructors?

Unfortunately this is only a voluntary qualification and can also be costly which could be a reason why training schools choose not to join.

2 Start, has made a concerted effort to ensure that all instructors meet high standards in order to gain the best results for our students, so our advice to anyone looking for LGV or PCV training is to do your research first and ensure that you are getting the best instruction for your money.

Cost-effective driving style

In today’s industry, companies are always striving to save money and increase efficiency.  Keeping up with the demands, it is important to consider how the vehicle is driven and the new facilities fitted in the new trucks enable drivers to increase aspects such as fuel efficiency.

The DPA gives the driver an interactive programme to support the driver in achieving the most cost effective driving style. It recognises how affectively you are braking, anticipating hazards ahead and how you’re using the accelerator. All of which are a great aid to new students learning to drive the vehicle, where they can be taught how to use them effectively.

C1 Driver Training Van

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