A beginners guide to IPAF

Beginners guide to IPAF
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What does IPAF stand for?

IPAF stands for International Powered Access Federations who are a member’s organisation, that is responsible for maintaining high standards of powered access lift usage around the globe. This is done by ensuring professional and safe testing procedures are completed by anyone who wishes to use an elevating platform.

Who needs IPAF training?

IPAF training courses are required by anyone who wishes to use a Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP). It is a legal requirement that anyone who works at height has to have completed some sort of professional IPAF training.

If you choose to complete one of our IPAF courses and are successful, you will be awarded a PAL (Powered Access Licence) card. This is an internationally recognised certification and will show to anyone, such as employers or health and safety officers that you have the correct training to be working at heights.

What does IPAF training cover?

Our IPAF courses cover a variety of different skills and knowledge, depending on which one of our courses you decide to choose. The courses we provide include:

  • IPAF Static Boom 1b Operator Training

  • IPAF Mobile Vertical 3a Operator Training

  • IPAF Mobile Boom 3b Operator Training

  • Combined 1b, 3a & 3b Operator Training

  • Combined 3a & 3b Operator Training

  • IPAF Harness Inspections & Safety

Each of these courses will train you in how to use all the equipment specific to each course and give you the skills you need to safely operate a MEWP.

How long is IPAF training?

The length of your course will vary depending on which IPAF course you decide to complete. The 1b, 3a, 3b, combined 1b, 3a & 3b courses as well as the combined 3a & 3b courses we provide all take 1 day to complete.

Whereas, our IPAF PAV training & IPAF Harness Inspections and Safety courses both require half a day to complete.

At the end of your course, if you are successful, you will be rewarded with your IPAF licence.

How much is IPAF training?

All of our IPAF courses vary in price depending on which one you decide to complete, the courses range from £120 to £420.

Where can I complete my IPAF training?

We offer IPAF training at all of our depots, depending on which course you require. Our depots are located in Portsmouth, Southampton, Reading & Worthing. Additionally, IPAF can be taught at your site, using your equipment.

How long is IPAF valid for?

Once you have successfully passed your IPAF course, you will be issued a PAL card which is an official certification that is valid for up to 5 years after you’ve completed your course.

Once your PAL card expires you will need to complete another IPAF course.

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