2 Start Impresses in recent JAUPT Audit

2 Start Ltd today received their report for their JAUPT audit, this audit is a requirement for all JAUPT-approved training centres and 2 Start is required to complete this at least every 5 years.

This thorough audit conducted at our Portsmouth centre covers all 5 of our training centres and was compiled and prepared by Daisy Udy (Sales Director) & Joe Vickers (Educational & Development Director) who have achieved the best ever result seen for 2 Start Ltd to date.

Our JAUPT audit presented by both Daisy & Joe to the JAPUT auditor received some outstanding comments, as well as no further action points, which is an amazing result and a testament to the high standards they both drive the teams to achieve.

The JAUPT audit as mentioned is very thorough and reviews the last 6 years’ worth of policies and procedures in-depth and this no small feat to have accomplished such a ‘perfect’ result and one we are all exceptionally proud to have achieved as a company. The real credit needs to go to both Joe & Daisy who have really made sure the company stays on track day to day to achieve this high standard along with compiling the policies and procedures needed to achieve this outcome.

Following the audit, the auditor commented that our training centre has “established several good” qualities across all aspects of CPC training, from “communication throughout the team” to our “quality assurance processes”.

Additionally, this audit found no areas of non-compliance, and no continuous action points or improvements were raised!

Here at 2 Start Ltd, we have worked hard to ensure that our students receive the highest standard of training, no matter which of our courses they opt to complete!

2 Start heavily invests in all our training centres, equipment, and staff to ensure 2 Start Ltd provide the highest standard of training available and meets the demanding levels required of JAUPT!

2 Start has several Driver CPC training courses available to book online now, including both online and classroom options on offer.

Don’t hesitate and book your Driver CPC Training online now!

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