2 Start get glowing report for JAUPT audit

Student Glowing Report for JAUPT
We were remotely audited by JAUPT on Wednesday 27th Jan 2021 to check the compliance and standards of our CPC courses.  Our instructor, Joe Vickers was delivering our Emergency First Aid & Health and Safety module, which was highly praised by the auditor.

JAUPT stated during the observation, discussions with the trainer and sampling of documents, there were no Action Points and no Continuous Improvements were raised.

Here’s what the examiner had to say about the course:

“An informative course delivered by a trainer who demonstrated a vast array of knowledge on the subject being delivered”.

“The trainer was extremely successful in generating enthusiasm and participation amongst the trainees”.

The auditor then went on to say “All trainees made rapid progress throughout the course because the trainer had planned the course well”.

We have a number of online CPC courses that are available for you to book online now. These will be delivered to the highest standards by our experienced and skilled instructors.

A massive thank you to Joe and the rest of our instructors who continue to do a great job of teaching these courses to the highest standard as always.

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